"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ideal Test Day

As Sri Lanka and India pile on runs after runs, I can't help but be more interested in the Kiwi vs Pak game. Note, the Indians scoring in abundance today has more to do with the Lankans and their ineffective bowling, but nevertheless, there is nothing great about teams reaching three-four hundred on Day 1. It is expected, i.e. boring. Specially when the first test made zombies wish they had never come alive.

So I prefer to focus on the other game. Reasons:

1. The match started with a yorker from a seventeen year old that resulted in a wicket. That seventeen year old is becoming my favourite player to watch. Considering his country has produced Wasim Akram, his talent is not surprising. But it is worrying that his country has also produced Shoaib Akhtar, whose sole focus since god knows when has been to entertain off the field rather than on it. I honestly don't want Aamer to waste his talent on acquiring gential warts but if Shoaib decides to mend his ways, it may have to happen...to carry on Shoaib's legacy.

2. After two wickets, there was a Kiwi fightback. Ross Taylor did extremely well to get his team back on track and then fell six runs short of his century. Talk about prime time drama.

3. Pakistan picked up six wickets. None of them went to Umar Gul. MUHAHAHAHAHA!

4. The day ended with yet another Kiwi fightback. This could become a Spartan war. Unfortunately without 300 abs.

5. Daniel Vettori is at the crease and should be getting a 50. Baz is also there, but I am blissfully ignoring him.

Let's take a picture of this day and fax it to India.


Reverse Swing said...

Exactly, I am wondering what India is trying to do?

- Kill test cricket forever?
- Make their already batsmen crazy nation more batsmen/runs crazy?
- Hide there bowlers/faster bowlers lackluster performances in dead pitches?
- Avoiding any possible competition or loss at home by making opposite team bowlers a joke?
- Using home series for batting practice for bigger bashes?

Whatever it is, it is crazy and disgusting, make runs, big runs but keep it competitive.

As for Pak-NZ match I think Pakistan should have gained more advantage of conditions and start they got but they were pretty ordinary at times and not so Pro-active as I guess it is something to do with Captain. He need to apply more thoughts.

And of course credit goes to Kiwis for the fight back and getting focused specially for first couple of hours Taylor and Guptil were very determined.

Rishabh said...

I agree with Reverse Swing. I don't know what BCCI is up to. Any fast bowler who starts looking dangerous is seen dropping his pace match by match. This is very disappointing. But still there is some chance for a result

As for Pak-NZ I am pretty sure there is going to be a result produced which is more likely to go in Pakistan's favour.

@Purna - added your blog to my blogroll. hope to see the same from you. My blog link is - www.crick-o.blogspot.com

Reisa said...

It was a bloody disgrace. I'm not watching any more of that series. Test cricket was disgraced today.

On to better things, what a first ball by the youngster!! At least there's some decent test cricket to be watched!

Purna said...

Reverse, evidently they think this is playing cricket. Batting practice might be right, but what is Sri Lanka doing throwing bricks?
Pak still having problems with their captain? Why is Yousuf a friend of Younis'?

Rishabh, thanks. Will add you too.I am hoping for a Kiwi win though.

Reisa, been a while. You getting ready for the big Gayle vs Aussies tests?

Reisa said...

School... enough said! Getting ready?? Yes, for total annihilation. Brian Lara, John Dyson and a former chairman of selectors have declared it so.

hahaha... Gayle vs Aussies sounds about right! Big, big series. I can't wait!! *cringe*

GO NZ (I mean Vettori! Wanted to punch him for his totally poor timing!!)

Keep up the good work!

Purna said...

Oh c'mon! I am looking forward to watching your bowlers. I think they can give the Aussies a good shake. Or maybe I am being too optimistic?

Thanks :).

Reverse Swing said...

@Purna, well here you go either pitch decided it had enough of it and overnight become a hardie or Sri Lankan thought the other way. They are falling like bricks now. You probably going to have result and that too in India's favor may be by an inning.

Well I mean to say Yousuf wasn't that active and attacking as he should be specially at the first day of the match. He is defensive in his approach and field placement. Well, they might have problems with Captain I mean if there are some players who can do it against Younis they can do it against Yousuf too, apparently it isn't looking anything like that.

For match I think Kiwis are in good position though Akmals brothers get Pakistan out of big big trouble now it all depends on how much Aamir will ad to runs tomorrow, lolz and then how much Kiwi will think be a good and safe target, but whatever its going to be a hell of a 5th day something they call TEST cricket.

For Gayle vs Aussies I don't think West Indies are going to make it an easy season for Aussies, there will be fight here and there and some crazy things by either Gayle, Taylor or Roach.

So its all round good stuff going on, festivities!!.

Purna said...

Which one are you watching Reverse? Other than Pakistan of course.