"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, November 8, 2009


South Africa won their first game against Zimbabwe. All fine and dandy but I don't know what to make of this win. I didn't get to see it. From Crapinfo stats, South Africa's bowling seems to have gone horribly and as MJ tells me, their fielding was also crap.

South Africa's main strength is their fielding. FML? Indeed.

Hash opened and made a fabulous score in all his illegal drug glory. This might mean that he will be replacing Hersch in the future (did you really think there will be no mention of my Herschelle in this post?), which is....still questionable. Seeing as Hash was originally thought to be Jacques' replacement in the number three spot. Either way I love Hash and am pretty sure he is the next captain of South Africa. After Biff has been overthrown by 50 hunch men, Botha has reigned for a bit and AB is all cried out.

Boucher had the lowest score amongst the Saffas...again! What the fuck is going on with him? I didn't know bad form could transcend over seasons and breaks. Actually I did but still, what the fuck Bouch? That's all I got for you.

Is Albie Morkel back? I'm not going to get too excited. It's only Zimbabwe after all. But 50 from 39. How can I not get excited? Oh yes, just check his bowling figures.

Bowling, bowling, bowling...8 extras. Not epic, but it's there. Only 6 wickets...letting Zim get to 236 for 6 from 48 for 5...FUCKIN' HELL! Biff had to be behind this! I don't know why. When I see the highlights, I'll tell you why but I just have a gut feeling that the Buffalo is the reason this shit happened. The Buffalo is the reason any shit happens. That's right. Global poverty is Graeme Smith's fault.

I'm going to call upon Dale's grandkids from wherever the hell they speak to him. Maybe they can convince him to shed his crapiness.


Gabrielle said...

The guys played pretty well untill the rain stopped play, then they just lost their plot a bit..the bowlers were to wayward,no matter how hard the Buffalo tried to shift them, after some good spells they all got it wrong! they are a bit concerning going into the England series..let's hope that practice will help!

Purna said...

SA and rain...what a horrible relationship! I agree, the bowlers have been crap since the Champions Trophy. Someone needs to whoop them into shape!

Gabrielle, how do you feel about the Buffalo?

Anonymous said...

I saw the second half of SA's innings and the beginning of Zim's. Albie was looking fine with the bat, that much I can tell you.


Mary Jane said...

Bouch needs to go, and Albie needs to stop bowling. Ohh and the buffalo king needs to bring back Roela!!! I miss him!!

Purna said...

Sid, Albie usually looks fine with the bat. But all the fineness is lost as soon as the ball is given to him. Yet, Biff won't stop.

MJ, did ROFL not play? I don't see the highlights up anywhere! I'm so mad!

Gabrielle said...

Purna I think Biff a very good batter, but sometimes his attitude just leaves me a bit wondering..he seams to lose the plot when the team is in difficulty, especially in ODIs

Silly mid on said...

Is Biff being affected by this sordid love triangle he is supposedly involved in with Minki and the ordinary Brigitte? Boucher is pox atm.

Purna said...

Gabrielle, I think that's the standard feeling towards Graeme. Yet he won't learn how to be a better captain!

Sil, I heard something about that. But he broke up with Minki 2 years ago! Why would he be responsible for Minki's divorce?

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