"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Live Games

Meanwhile, the 40 year old Jayasuriya is beating the crap out of the 21 year old Inshant. Sanath should run a school for fitness in cricket. Wato and Freddie are to be his star students. Kallis is to teach 'Dramatic weightloss' and Warne to teach 'Ten ways you never lose fat'.

And Sanga goes...to Harbajan. Yes Sanga, you should be mad at yourself. Whoever gives their wicket to Harbajan when they are not playing in India should be forced to shoot a commercial with Dhoni. The commercial will be about shoe laces. Dhoni will make a cricket ball out of shoe laces only and bowl to Sanga. Sanga will hit it for a six. This commercial will soon become a movie.

Dharmasena, a former Sri Lankan cricketer and now umpire gave Sanath a wrong LBW decision. If SL lose this, Sanath can go loco on his former team-mate. The public can burn effigies and throw cow dung at Dharma's house.

Sorry...when Bhajji got that wicket, I thought we had moved to India.

True story!

Over at the other game, once again the South African born Strauss is the only English batsman capable of making runs. Yes, it is important that he was born in South Africa. Don't try to tell yourself otherwise.

The wonderful Canadian cricket channel that I have is not even showing that game. So I have nothing to say about it till I see the highlights...or the rerun. Yes, cricket is so scarce here that we actually have a slot for reruns..ball by ball.


Thiru Cumaran said...

Pommies are bad at limited overs cricket! Only Saffers can help them! Perhaps we can get a Saffer XI to play for England

1. Strauss
2. Prior
3. Trott
4. KP
5. Jacques Rudolph
6. Andrew Hall
7. Stephen Moore
8. Craig Kieswetter
9. Claude Henderson
10. Hoggard (he did play a lot of cricket in SA)
11. Ryan McLaren

Stani Army said...

What is it with Soufricans and playing over here then wanting to be English?

Sanga has changed. He is no longer the gentleman I thought he was. "Whoever gives their wicket to Harbajan when they are not playing in India should be forced to shoot [themselves]".

Canadians? Do you have a national sport?

Purna said...

CT, you can't have Rudolph or Hall. They will never play in the same team as KP.

Stani, British Saffers just aren't good enough to be in the SA team. That gene mix is bad for cricket.

Our national sport is hockey.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Sanga actually wasn't a gentleman, we just deluded ourselves into thinkin as such cos he spoke english well! :(

Stani Army said...

Ice hockey? Where guys dress up and beat each other up? Nice

You may be right. I knew he was a qualified lawyer, I should have guessed.

Purna said...

Sanga is a lawyer? Cool.

CT, what do you have against Sanga? I think he is a lovely person.

Stani, yes I should have said Ice Hockey. We just call it Hockey. And the violence is appealing. It's why I moved to Canada.

Actually, our national sport is LaCrosse. I overlooked the national part of your question. Hockey is the most popular.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Purna, I have nothin personal against Sanga, just that he's becoming the next Ponting, having had a really ugly confrontation with Younus Khan during the ODIs and then shouting at most of his own troops, including Malinga, when things weren't going wrong. I don't mind aggressiveness, but do it in the spirit of the game, like Mahela.

How 'bout the way he was pissed off at the decision by Dharmasena to give him out off Harbhajan? That was just so unbecomely of a national captain...take a cue from Sachin, who can be called the most emotionless man when given out, even if it's the momma of bad decisions!

Purna said...

CT, Ponting doesn't yell at his players anymore...because they are so shit that even he can't believe they are Australian players! hehe.

I didn't see the confrontation but I did see the Harbajan incident. He used to be cool and calm but I think the captaincy is getting to him. He isn't getting a lot of runs as well.

Tendulkar lacks passion. I'm sorry. He is a brilliant batsman but sometimes I feel like the game doesn't mean that much to him. Maybe that's the secret to his batting.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Check out this post on Sanga's confrontation with Younis Khan.

It was seriously ugly. Yes, Ponting has undergone a marked change and it really is pleasing to see a more pleasant side of him!

I think it would be wrong to think he lacks passion. Perhaps he knows that cricket is just a game and not a matter of life or death! He takes it easy, which I really appreciate and which is precisely the reason why he has been in int. cricket for more than 20 years without anyone questioning his place in the side! :)

Purna said...

Nice post. I like cricket fights though...makes some people look like such fools!

I'm blogrolling you :).

I feel that one day Punter's head is going to explode with all the swearing that he must do in there!

Are you Indian? You must not be. Otherwise you would never have said that cricket is not a game of life and death!

Stani Army said...

Yes, you always overlook what I say.

Yes, you always overlook what I say. (Just in case you missed it the first time. What first time? hmm)

Thats exactly the incident I was thinking off. He's also turned miserable in the after match ceremonies. See the t20 World Cup and his comments after Pak beat Sri. At least Punter gives credit where it is due.

Thiru Cumaran said...

NO NO NO! I'm a Lankan and, frankly, there is no way i could be an indian if I said cricket is not a matter of life and death!

Like they say in India: Cricket is my religion and Sachin is my God! =D