"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A new enemy

Andrew Miller from Cricinfo. He is the worst kind of Pommie...a Freddie lover. Wrote a whole freaking article defending his lover boy. I don't give a shit about this Freddie debate. His contribution to cricket has been too insignificant for us to even dwell on him. But Miller, this was uncalled for:

Next February's tour of Bangladesh, an entirely unloved adjunct of the Future Tours Programme, could become the first international campaign ever to be used as a warm-up act for a domestic tournament. That, however, is more a comment on the worthlessness of Bangladesh as international opponents than the worthlessness of international cricket per se, because funnily enough, the IPL - a competition that is regarded by some as the enemy of the international game - seems to recognise, at least on the face of it, the value of country v country cricket better than most of the participating nations.

'Entirely unloved adjunct of the Future Tours Programme'. Is that so Miller? Then why make Bangladesh play day-night tests against you guys in the hopes of making the tournament interesting? Why put in so much effort? I'll tell you why. Because your joke of a team will never be able to achieve anything playing against the big boys. So you pick on the little ones and make it harder for them. Then you pay the ICC to nominate you. You fuckers need to play the bottom ranked teams so that people don't realize that England is weak, disgustingly inept and not at all interested in playing the game they supposedly invented. Home of cricket my ass.

'Worthlessness of Bangladesh as international opponents'...look around you. Australia is currently using you assholes for net practice, nobody things you are serious contenders for the Champions trophy and you have NEVER been favourites for any tournaments despite having played cricket for ages. Bangladesh does not even have half the facilities that you ungrateful fuckers have, yet they managed to make a mark in both ODI's and Tests. On top of that, we are actually talented. Give us the 'western' world's development strategies and we will be light years ahead of your current team. Don't deny it. When have you guys ever been called unpredictable and not to be written off? And don't even get me started on a player by player analysis. You have only two...and they are not even properly English.

I've only hated the Pommies till now but today I am declaring war. I like the prospects of England not taking us seriously. It means we can creep up and bite them in the ass. We might lose, but we will take your sorry asses down with us. Come to think of it, England might just achieve new heights of humiliation all by themselves. It's what they are good at.


Stani Army said...

"the worthlessness of Bangladesh as international opponents"

That is a bit too strong...ooof. Cricinfos editors go to sleep when something pro English or pro Indian is written. That part should have been edited out or put more lightly...or with an ounce of truth even.

I honestly believe, if England had only players of English decent (this means no South Africans or those of asian decent), Bangladesh would beat them.

At least the Bangladeshi team is made up of Bangladeshis.

Miller has history. Anyone who's followed England matches on cricinfo's live commentary will notice his clear dislike for asian players in the English side. At one point he had a single man campaign against Monty Panesar, continuously criticising him for silly reasons. His commendatory is in contrast to that of Will Luke's who is much more of a decent person and funnier too.

You go get him Purny, I'm right behind you!

Purna said...

I just read Miller's article on Ashraful's Cricinfo profile. Very little mention of his achievement. Bastard!

I don't know what the English are so proud of. If Bangladesh had been playing cricket since the beginning of time like they have, you can be rest assured opponents would have given them a lot of respect then they ever got.

Anti-asian eh? Maybe he got overlooked for the school cricket team for some Asian.

Anonymous said...

Totally with you Purna.

Miller's a bitch. Go spank him purna :)

Mary Jane said...

Miller is a Sinner!
I'm still laughing at the part where he called Bangladesh worthless. Haha dumb ass! Whatever BD is, they're a lot better than the current England squad. Oh didnt I tell you? Eng are on the verge of getting whitewashed in an 8 match ODI series! whoop whoop! thats what I call..Achievement!

Dont worry Purna, I'm a member of cricinfo, and I'll make sure his blogs are filled with hate comments!

Purna said...

Thanks MJ! You are the best!

Miller haters of the world Unite!

Mary Jane said...
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Mary Jane said...

Haha looks like cricinfo doesnt mind if users post "not so respectful" comments about Miller.

"Posted by Miss.Mary.Jane on (September 18 2009, 15:35 PM GMT)

Thats quite a harsh article to write Miller! You need to learn how to show some respect to other teams as well. Calling Bangladesh worthless is silly! I'm amazed how cricinfo even let you write such hate stuffs?? shocking! "