"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, September 28, 2009

Saffer Rain Gods mourn

The home team's exit from the tournament obviously. They realized that with SA's departure, the locals might lose interest in the series altogether. So they decided to help the ICC, because they are nice and good hosts. Plus, after all the drama in Group B, somebody needed to make Group A interesting!

The Australia-India match was washed out. They each get one point, but Aus has already won a game so currently, they are in second position. To get to the semis, India now HAS to win against West Indies. But even then, they only go through if Australia is beaten by Pakistan AND they have a better run rate then Australia. This points system is a bitch eh?

India has now been trampled by their greatest competitors, Pakistan, Australia and South Africa. Okay, so it was technically the SA weather...but they are still Saffers!

I am hoping for a Windies win on Wednesday. Or an Australian loss with a run rate still good enough to get them through. Just for some cruel fun.


Stani Army said...

Gods mourn? More like cry laughing.

Aditya said...

Don't play around with a billion hopes for some cruel fun!!

anyhow i want an eng- pak final which will be washed out!

how cruel will that be :P saffer weather playing spoil sport!

eng and pak are the only two teams out of the regular 8 test teams not to have won the champions trophy...

so everyone would be happy! :D

Purna said...

Stani, that may be how the English rain Gods work. Not the case in Saffaland.

Adi, lol. I like your rottenness. But if England go to the final it will be tragedy. So let's not hope for that!

The Cricket Corollary said...

60% rain forecast for the Eng vs NZ match.

Purna said...

What does that mean? We don't get to watch a potential English loss?

This is cruel. Life is cruel.

More Than Just A Game said...

Now I know why the phrase "it's raining cats and dogs exist".
The Rain God's seriously threw Team BCCI a bone there.

Ponting, Paine, Hussey and White took the Indian bowling attack to the woodshed for an old , country style trashing.

Cricinfo reads, "washout hit's India's SF chances." Are they kidding me?! Who did they think was going to chase down the Aussie's potential 300-or-thereabouts-score?! Virat "primetime" Kohli?!?!

Purna, my sympathies for the Saffers. Smithy did try to make a game out of it.

How the heck is England winning their games now? Their Team Slogan:

"England . Powered by Viagra since we're SO HARD to beat"

Purna said...

Sujith, thanks. Yesterday's game could have been interesting if India got a chance to bat. I mean they did fall just 30 odd runs short the last time.

LOL. The Viagra's not working anymore. Which is only expected. How long can you ride on outside help? :D