"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, September 27, 2009


8.54: South Africa's required run rate

510: My heart beat

1: The number of hours I will live when this match is over


Stani Army said...

0: Your chances

Tifosi Guy said...

That was brillaint wasn't it ! South Africa stuffing it up yet again in the stage when it matters. They know how to do it in style on their turf. Out at the group stage each time they have staged a tournament :)

Maybe they are being nice to their countrymen and saving them money for the knockout stage matches !

To lose to Eng/SL esp SL in S Af takes some doing, but lo they go ahead and show how to do it !!!!

Purna said...

Stani, shut up.

TG, yeah it was brilliant. As brilliant as Ricky Ponting's face when Saffa handed Aus their first test series loss at home in 16 years. And then the ODI's. And then the ODI's again in Saffa.
I must say it takes a lot of guts to be an Aus fan these days. Great going, keep it up!

Stani Army said...

0: Chance of me shutting up.

Tifosi Guy said...

Listen Mate, since 1995 till 2008, Aus have given me immense pleasure as a supporter. No chokes which are the trademarks of South Africa.

Winning pretty much everything, everywhere. Ahem what have South Africa won ? The master of chokers, are yet to get into a WC final ! Compare that to Aus - won the last three WC's , with the last two going unbeaten through the whole tournament. Fat chance of South Africa ever coming close to that !

Added to that twice ( twice !!!) winning 16 tests in a row ! Ahem what is South Africa's record ?

I would take being an Aus supporter now, rather than being a South African supporter. Oh and did Aus whip South African a**e in the test series in S Af !!

Purna said...

I was genuinely admiring your support, I haven't met a single Aussie who still supports them wholeheartedly here. Except for Miss Jane.

But since you brought it up, Aus did dominate world cricket for 14 years. But this Aus side is very different from that Aus side. And flaky. Which is why their fans are abandoning them :P. SA might have been chokers and not won anything but they always, ALWAYS remained the team to beat. People are not even surprised with Oz's abysmal performances anymore. Not after the Ashes.

You know I had to bring the Ashes up. It was the best. An Aussies loss AND the number one spot in tests. Doesn't get any better than that. ;)

Tifosi Guy said...

Well then this might surprise you even further when I state that I am an Indian who has been a avid Aussie supporter since 1992 !

I couldn't but ROTFL at your statement ' South Africa have always, ALWAYS been the team to beat' . Seriously what dope you smoking which clouds your reality ?

You yourself admitted Aus dominated for the last 14 odd years, then why on earth would South Africa and not Aus be the team to beat ? I'm sorry but this a baseless statement !

Cheers for bringing up the Ashes. It hurts real bad that they lost to Eng. This loss well is a touch easier to take ( if any loss to Eng can be easy to take that is !), but the 05 loss was the worst pill to swallow. Didn't mind Aus losing to India in 01, and THAT test in Kolkatta etc...

2 friggin runs and 3 friggin wickets - that's the margin of defeat in 05 !

I firmly believe that while this Aus team will NOT dominate like their predecessors, they would remain a tough team to beat. The nucleus for a good team is starting to grow. One sore point is that Clarke is the next captain in line.. Ah well it took me some time to warm up to Ponting being the captain !