"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Champions Trophy build-up

Ten non-cricketing reasons you should watch the Champions Trophy:

1. Some of the other options of staying connected to cricket involve following Graeme Swann on Twitter and being subjected to this:

"my god i've scrubbed up well today. shower, shave, sh*t and a sausage sandwich. i feel like james bond"

Ian Fleming's zombie is in town. If you see him, please tell him how to get to Swann. Thanks.

2. Makhaya has a new hairstyle.

3. The performers. How cool are they?

4. You can finally sit on your couch all day long watching t.v. and being unproductive.

5. The infinite amount of time you can spend after already being unproductive for the day, engaging in debates, arguments and predictions.

6. Sanath Jayasuriya, even when he is not batting. Because his head is either too small or too big compared to his body. I can't decide which. It's really rather mysterious.

7. To figure out whose beard is more magnificent. Amla's or Yusuf's?

They have secrets hidden in there you know...

8. To see Ryder's reaction when he realizes that there is a new contender in the 'Who is the fattest cricketer' competition .

The Punajb XI might lose but Yuvi doesn't!

9. Ricky Ponting will keep us updated through his Facebook fan page. How will you know what Ricky's great thoughts are in reference to if you don't watch?

10. Obama will be playing for the West Indies!


nazimcricket said...

Swanny definitely has a poo fixation. Here's an earlier tweet from him ....

"at last the water is back on, and so my little present that couldn't flush away last night can finally make it's way to a beach near you!"

what twit!

Purna said...

I read that too. Is it an English thing?

Why would ANYBODY want to know about his bowel habits?

Aditya said...

too bad we can't see more of ntini's hair style due to the stupid rigid policy of the SA team . I'm sure he will be rested the whole tournament!

Purna said...

They have Parnie a chance...he will deliver. He better deliver.