"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, September 28, 2009

Code Blue

Mike Hussey's batting has been going up and down since...umm...last winter? Or was it even before that? (Note: summer in Australia is winter in Canada...it is always winter in Canada). Somebody refresh my memory. When was 'Mr. Cricket' last in form?

He codes, Merv calls, some opponent team gather together to resuscitate him and he lives to make it to yet another series. This time it was India. Actually it was Ishant Sharma and Harbajan Singh. Ishant was also one of the most expensive bowlers against Sri Lanka in that Compaq Cup game, you know, the one where Sanath made 98 all of a sudden? Ishant should consider a career in the Emergency room. All dying cricketers please come this way. Dr. Ishant is in the house.

Interestingly, Hussey's scores haven't been that disgraceful in the past few months. In the second and third tests of the Ashes, his scores were either zero or half centuries. He managed ten in the fourth and surprised everyone with a century plus twenty-one runs in the last! Then he flat-lined again, till the 6th ODI against the Poms. The Champions Trophy doesn't count, because Aus has played in only two games.

But the question is, how many times will Hussey fail before Merve actually drops him? Australia don't get rid of their players that easily because their selection in the first place, had come after they had endured some sort of 'Save the Princess from the fire-breathing Dragon' test. I'm all for the standing by my decision crap, but you dropped Justin Langer when he was out of form...hell you even dropped Steve Waugh in the 91 Ashes! If you are trying to tell us that Hussey is a greater cricketer than Langer or Waugh Merv, you are as fake as your moustache.

I think it's time Hussey signed a DNR. Do Not Resuscitate Hussey's career. It's costing some other Oz player who is standing by the sidelines and hoping the defibrillator fails...for once.

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