"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CA TV Videos

Cricket Australia TV is cool. They follow the team around and give us insights into the team, video analysis of their games, interviews and behind the scenes stuff. The behind the scenes videos used to be the best ones, till Nathan Bracken's blog came around. That man has the personality of a hair band. Which he wears.

Anyway, sometimes they run out of ideas for the videos and make up fictitious stories. Like this one, where an American man is telling us why Ricky Ponting is the best fielder in the world.

First of all, Ricky's two run outs in the 6th ODI were stunning. Second of all, this is the first time he has hit the stumps in a long time. To be the best in the world you kind of have to do that consistently. Punter doesn't really make the batsmen think twice before taking a run the way Rhodes, Duminy, De Villiers and Gibbs does. I mean he is better than most, but the best he is not. Stop giving him titles. He will lose them in a few days anyway.

BTW, CA TV, if you are going to make a case about cricket don't use a man with an American accent who keeps on calling your skipper 'Rick'. Which brings me to, why is there an American in your camp? Have they actually discovered cricket before unearthing the weapons of mass destruction? What a shocker!

There's another video. Before you get to it, I must apologize because the video shows Binga and Watto playing some pop-sickle version of 'Sweet Child O' Mine' on their guitars. As a huge fan of the song and the band, I was curious to know what could posses them to act in a way that could lead to a bloody revolution. Turns out, they know that they annoy people with their 'singing' and do it in their rooms nowadays. At least that's a start. Mankind may be saved after all.


Tifosi Guy said...

THis has got to be one of the most absurd posts I've read.

Ponting doesn't hit the stumps regularly ? Mate you drunk when you wrote this ? You mentioned Rhodes, and Gibbs - pray how often have they hit the stumps ????

Rhodes himself has gone on record stating that Ponting is better than him, simply for the very fact you say he doesn't do often !! Sure, conveniently ignore that the bloke is on the other side of 30. Care to take the same comment back a few years ??? You might be in for a rude suprise !

Added to it , Ponting has been the most complete fielder in the last decade and more. The bloke can field in the slips, pretty much anywhere in the inner circle and when he was younger he used to man the boundaries as well.

On second thoughts, thanks for this absurd post. Got my daily dose of humour !

Esra Star said...

The American is an embarassment to Aussie cricket. He was a baseball coach who has apparently improved our fielding.

Amy & I had a conversation about him one night after hearing him discuss Anzac day with the commentators during an IPL match. It's not right!

Purna said...

Oh the joys of pissing off a Punter fan!

TG, he is not the best fielder in the world anymore. He might have been once upon a time. To be the best fielder you have to be involved in the game throughout, make your presence felt so that the batsmen know you are around and fear you. Something that Gibbs still does and Rhodes did till he retired. Ponting is one of the rare 'complete' fielder as you put it, but calling him the best at the moment is a little too much. Of course his age and the pressure of captaincy has a lot to do with it. I'm not going to deny that.
I am always happy to spread laughter in this world :P.

Es, when was he appointed? I'm guessing around the time Australia started sucking? Oh these Americans. They think their opinions on world views matter. We Canadians always enjoy taking the piss out of them. I'm glad the Aussies feel the same!

Esra Star said...

Have no idea Purn, just know that every time he opens his mouth I want to shut it for him! haha :oP Bloody Americans infiltrating cricket, what sport will they ruin next?

Purna said...

Hen racing. Unless Colonel Sanders actually invented it...

richie_141 said...

I've got a feeling he's been around for yonks... like the Steve Waugh days. I may be making that up. I can't be bothered Googling, so he has now officially been around that long.

In defence of the American (assuming he has been around that long) I think he's been pretty instrumental in improving the Australian fielding standards, which, if not now, a few years back was the world standard. I think we're still ok at fielding. It's probably the one area we haven't totally forgotten how to do...

But yeah, his accent is annoying.

Anonymous said...

I love CATV - it's been keeping me company through a terrible summer. I have to admit I haven't bothered with Bracken's video blogs as I really don't care that much for him.

CATV ran out of ideas when they decided to give him that gig and then he ran out of ideas by about vid 3 because he was on facebook asking us all on the CA page what we want to see in his vids! Nathe, hun, you're not meant to run out of ideas until you have done at least 12 vids...

And speaking of Nathes - I thought Hauritz's one video blog was good. Jokes about the old farts on the last Ashes tour not knowing how to even turn on a Playstation was a gem (as was Mitchy almost blowing up the bus because he doesn't know how to use a microwave).

P.S. Ponting is not the best fielder in the world. And I'm an Australian. I could get lynched for that.

Purna said...

Sshh Richie, don't give Americans credit for Aussie fielding. Otherwise they will land in your country with tanks :P.

Sid, Nathan's video was hilarious. Did you see the one with Stuart Clark and the bus driver?
Speak out my friend, no one is going to lynch you for talking bad abt Punter. I've heard he's not that popular in Oz.

Anonymous said...

btw, Purna, in case you haven't seen it already, this post inspired me to write a post of my own on CATV. I have credited you as my "muse" and posted a link back to this post.

Hope that's ok.

Purna said...

LOL. Yes I did see that Sid. Of course it's ok! I am happy to be your 'muse' anytime! Thanks for the honour :).

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