"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

T1D1: Kallis in your face

Thank god for Jacques Kallis, you know what I am saying? When I turned on the television and saw they were 4 down with NO DALE STEYN (we will get to that later), I had a mini heart attack. Then I saw his broad shoulders clubbing Barbie for a four and I felt better. I also felt better at the thought of all those that dislike him, watching him get to yet another century (Watto and Kato, please take notes). And for once, just for once, England's bowling was even more boring than Jacques' batting.

The only aspect of that bowling attack I choose to remeber are the two sixes that were hit off Swannyg66. I also choose to remember poor Jimmy's tired face as he ran up to bowl. HAHA! Onions is such a fucking coward that Jimmy had to bowl with a dodgy knee because he had a calf strain. What a stinker! Drop him I say. Drop him for good.

Biff is too busy exercising his mouth (and other things...) over his batting these days. Fucktard! But look who got a game- Ashy P! He was painful to watch, but at least he was able to overcome Biff's stupidity. Which is a big feat. Always.

Dale Steyn is sitting this one out because they need him for the rest of the series. By some miracle twelve year old Friedel de Wet is replacing him instead of Parnie. WHAT THE FUCK! Looks like Mickey's also taken with Andy F's poppies.

But, we will talk about the shitty bowling tomorrow. For today, I am content that they haven't managed to blow their brains out.

Oh, Shaun Pollock and Geoffrey Boycott should always commentate together.


Milly said...

Jakes is such a legend, saving the day again. Biffy's complicated personal life is prob distracting him from the job, but as long as we have Jakes to save the day,who cares.

Gabrielle said...

God Saves Jakes, eheh! Well done big man,the "captain" should look up to him and concentrate on the game instead of blabbermouthing as always

Vim said...

Kallis looked bored till he actually got his ton. The bowling was real shit though, James Anderson 'the best swing bowler in the world' has now bowled about 62 overs in a row for no wickets in test cricket. There's a strike bowler and a half for you. Or perhaps half a strike bowler. You only have to watch out for him if there is 'overhead conditions'.

There was something quite fascinatingly boring about most of the day. I hope Fatboy gets his first ever double ton tomorrow. He deserves it.

Purna said...

Milly, whats the update now? I find it bizarre that people can actually fight over HIM.

Gabi, apparently his grandfather passed away! Idiot still couldn't perform for him!

Vim, that ugly hook shot he played to bring up his 100 really shows how bored he was. Anderson is exhausted. They don't even have a replacement for his sorry ass. HAHA.

Milly said...

Purna, I too find it bizarre, no new updates but you mag has not come out yet, Brigitte is now in it more than the actual celebrities, but I do think Minki from what I have heard is still on his mind. Anyway have been enjoying your posts as always, they cheer me up, so funny, keep up the good work, milly

Vim said...

Paul Harris has one of the ugliest bowling styles I have ever seen. How I wish he would get smug Andy out.

Purna said...

Thanks Milly :).

Vim, I am just glad they have a spinner in their test team.