"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In solidarity

The Saffers have taken good hosting to the next level. They are not satisfied with just putting the Poms in nice hotels and entertaining them. They have also copied their listless first test bowling and the one thing that was unique to the Poms till now.

To make the situation even more hospitable, these wickets went to Stuart Broad- the bowler that even the English supporters dislike. They want Barbie to go back home to a record number of converted fans. It's their gift to him for visiting their country.

The Saffers are not only determined to lose this, they are also going to make sure a lot of insult is added to injury, just to spice things up.

Who do I kill first? Jacques, JP or myself?


Reisa said...

Hmm... Kallis then JP. Please think twice about offing yourself.

Kallis- anyone who clearly hero worships Ian Bell deserves to go first. The initial bloodlust will make the death even more gruesome. Lions chumping sounds inadequate.

JP- second cause he's aesthetically more pleasing.

Purna- Do you really want go out in the company of these two?? Really? I would think those pics are enough of a turn off. Think about it...

The MG said...

You didn't mention who started the rut and got the other three wickets ;)

Purna said...

Unfortunately, I love them too much to kill them. I also like myself a little bit. So this is not happening.

MG, I frequently forget to mention him. Doctors say it's necessary to keep me sane.

The MG said...

Haha, why do my favourite bloggers hate my favourite players? First Amy and AB, now you and Swann :P

Purna said...

Hehe. My favourite player is Herschelle, who you seem to like. So it balances out!

The MG said...

True enough. Herschelle rates highly on my list. One of my first cricket crushes, along with Michael Vaughan :)