"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, December 7, 2009

South Africa is still number one

India is currently ranked number one in tests.

India's coach is Gary Kirsten.

Gary Kirsten is South African.

Therefore, South Africa(n) is still number one in tests.

Yes? Yes.

Some would call me a bitch, but I prefer 'loyal fan'.



Ankit said...


Anonymous said...


If I did something involving Australia, I'd get a boo as well!

Anonymous said...

yay....loved it ....for the fact tht hopeefully if the saffers win the firsst test against england ( hopefully looks @ the sky )....then yewah probably our boys can get back on the number one spot ( * again looks at the sky *)

anon bouch

straight point said...

south africa is anyway no.1 purna...

apart from their national side... half of england's is theirs too... ;-)

Aditya said...

after england SA plays WI( in WI where they should prepare flat tracks and have boring draws which will bring SA'a rating down!) and Zim(which wont happen) and I hope even if the saffers win against the Poms i want them to win 2-1 or 1-0 so that they are at 123.My evil plan will work even then! Haha! :D
win-win for India !

and as SP said anyhow half of the series is already in the bag :P

Purna said...

Ankit, hello to you to.

Sid, does this mean we are Ricky Ponting? I think Hilditch needs to give us a chance to captain Australia.

Anon, think you can keep the rain away with your eyes? I'll bestow you with magic powers. And thanks for the kind comments in the other post.

SP, no I don't count them as Saffers. Also, are you saying England can be number 1 in tests? HAHA! Congrats btw.

Adi, nope! They will win against WI. And Zim will happen! Btw, I'm sad SA won't be touring India next year. That would have been fun.

Leela said...

I am so glad that Gary is India's coach Purna;who knows what happens behind the scenes, but the players seem happy with him and Sehwag has often acknowledged "Gary Sir's" contribution to his game.

Aditya said...

SA are touring but for the more lucrative ODI series 5 ODI's are going to happen..they shifted the test series to last year to fit in this year's IPL :| !!

I am sure India would have had a better result than what they had last year vs SA if they played them next year :D

and a Look at the FTP and there aren't even half-decent test series coming up next year! :|

Purna said...

Leela, Gary Sir is happy to contribute.

Adi, freaking IPL!!! This is soooo annoying! I know. Next year is looking pathetic in terms of tests. But I don't think the schedule is finalized yet. Let's hope for the best!

Anonymous said...

hey purna im waiting with my eyes wide open ...waiting for ur magical powers...hehe @ least a string of hope to c some "gud" results in the tests

anon bouch

Purna said...

You know people will think you are Mark Boucher.

You should keep refering to yourself as anon bouch. I like that.

Anonymous said...

like blah !! u like it....its my love for bouch actually....love tht old man alot n my ab baby tooooo....

anon bouch en AB ( howwazzat )

Anonymous said...

haha love tht old man....
i better refer to myslef as anon bouch en AB..i cant leave my baby alone u c

Poshin_david said...


Nothing personal but BOOOOOO