"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, December 19, 2009

T1D4: Hash is illegal

And I love it. More than that century, what struck me is that AB and Hash got the innings back on it's feet. Without Jakes, the calming effect. I must confess that the three wickets fell because of me. I stayed up to watch (I only caught the highlights for days 1-3) and it was horrible. When Jakes left, I promptly went to sleep and woke up to find Hash and AB had done brilliantly. So if you were hoping for another fine Jakes innings, I am sorry. I will NEVER watch another live SA game ever.

Now back to the legality of Hash. There is none. He is just full-throttle illegal in your face. He isn't exciting, he still has technical flaws, he isn't always in form but when he scores he is like the tiny fly that you didn't notice till he dropped in your food. By then he has just freakin' ruined everything. Specially when you are left divided between admiring his flawless hitting and taking a shot at him for getting out stupidly. Not to mention his non-fancy yet fully effective fielding. I am very much fond of Hash. He just needs to score runs more frequently. But that will come.

AB-single no more has finally put in a substantial performance. Time to make up for the mediocre fielding. Yes, it has been mediocre so far. Don't pretend it hasn't. On top of that, he is inspiring Ian Bell to take good catches. Cut down on the love spreading a bit AB. You need a mean bone. I should start a school of ultimate meanness. Turn into a raging asshole in 16 days. Think I will get any students?

Anyway, back to the cricket. Bouchie has won me over once again. He has successfully managed to bat in both the innings after so so soooo long, I had forgotten that he had more to him than amazing reflexes and hypnotic eyes. I am glad that he and his buddy Jakes has got the Saffers' back. Now if only they could get their other 'friend' Biff to the party...idiot.

Morne put Barbie in his proper place (which is a mini doll house made of fruity cakes). That awkward four that went high up, dropped in front of the fielder and crossed the boundary- that made my day. It was such a slap in the face! Not that Barbie felt it. He has botox to protect him.

And this has to be mentioned: 27-3-91-0-3.37. Guess whose figures those are? Please say it. SAY IT!

To add cherry on top of well...my LIFE, Straussy has decided to pull a Graeme Smith. And an Ashy P. And a Mascaraman. What a strange tradition upheld by an even stranger compilation of batsmen.I loves it. Sometimes.

As usual I leave you with a final thought: how many fours did the Saffers have to score through the offside region before it occured to Strauss to put protection there? The answer is simply MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I was just looking for a place to put that in.

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