"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, December 4, 2009


I realize I've been a bit rubbish lately with replying back to comments and posting in general. A proper post is long overdue, but that is not about to happen unfortunately, because my darling laptop has added to my exam woes. It basically means I'll be around, with a post here and there, but not really. Kind of like Michael Hussey's batting.

While I am here now, I have to mention Sehwag's 293, I must mention Sehwag's 293. What the fuck was that? It might have been seven short of a triple but it is definitely not short of a cult status. Sehwag's 293. Just mention those two words and generations of cricket lovers will know what you are talking about.

I must also mention the new triad in town, Aamer, Asif and Gul. The third is there against my wishes, but the bastard did reduce the Kiwis to pulp. Bah! At least if Pakistan win this, we'll have a good test series.

For a little Saffa connection, I'll throw Mark Boucher in there, whose birthday I missed. Bouchy turned 33 yesterday. I'm hoping the Saffers give him a birthday present in the form of tossed up Brits. Although I'm slightly nervous about the last game because the weather forecast is rain. And rain is a little bitch when it comes to the Saffers.

This is where I will stop for today. Now that I have scored a painful little nothing, in true Hussey style, I must retire.

Just trying to send someone a message.


Poshin_david said...

That was one of a kind article mate....

I'd think u were a catholic....with the confessing....lolz

Anonymous said...

Don't you be mean to the Muss! That's my job.

Can't believe the Saffas last chance to regain some ODI face was washed out. Damn Little Andy, throw me a lion!

Mock Wah said...

U summed up pretty well I assume. The Windies are sad that.. u dint say a word bout them. :)

Purna said...

Chris, have I been blessed now that I've confessed?

Sid, expect the lion in 2-3 days time. Although, how will you get it to Saffaland?

Mock, welcome. Haha. That was not intentional. I was just in a rush and stressed. But at least they put up a fight this time around!
Thanks for the blogroll :).