"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cricket Minded

I just realized I have been in the blog world for about five months now with no proper introduction anywhere. My profile is miserably inadequate and some are really confused about who/what I really am, other than a die-hard Saffa fan of course. Some think I am actually South African, while others think I am mental. The misconceptions are not surprising as I am utterly shit at this blog thing and talk about pretty much everything and anything.

I thought I would take this opportunity in between the first and the second test and do a very late, highly unnecessary introduction. It's not really interesting so I apologise in advance. But, I am tired from eating too much holiday food and really can't be bothered to research cricket news now.

Right, here we go:

1) Am I South African?
No. I am Bangladeshi but I live in Canada. I support Bangladesh and South Africa. I would like to think that that makes me a complex, multi-dimensional individual but really, I am only about cricket.

2) Am I politically correct?
Never. Being a fan makes me biased, fat-headed and annoying. Unfortunately for you, I intend to stay that way.

3) Have I ever played cricket?
At times, with tennis balls and clipboards. My highest score with the clipboard was 48 not out. I once also played cricket with a roughly bat-shaped log and I hit a six straight over a fast bowler's head with it. It was one of my greatest achievements.

4) Why South Africa?
When I started watching cricket, Bangladesh did not have an international team. I sat down to watch the India vs SA series of 1997 and Allan Donald kept on bowling one beauties after another. He was joined by Shaun Pollock and backed up by Jonty Rhodes. I was sold.

5) Why not Canadian Cricket?
Because we live in Igloos and ice does not make for a nice pitch. (No we don't, but Americans think so, so it must be true). To answer the question,I just don't care about Canadian cricket.

6) Favourite cricket moment:
Many. But I distinctively remember the day Bangladesh won the ICC Trophy. We needed 6 of the last ball and our number 11 was on strike. We were nearly in tears thinking all was lost when he hit the six. Hearing every single member of a city yell simultaneously with joy is the best experience in the world.

7) What do I do actually?
Other than spending a lot of time browsing cricket sites and writing rubbish, I sometimes go to school and if needed, study- all the while wishing the questions had more to do with cricket and less to do with academic stuff.

Those are all the questions I can think of. If you have any more shoot them my way. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that was a nice intro...good to know more about you...

straight point said...
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straight point said...

We were nearly in tears thinking all was lost when he hit the six.

this experience worth a post... share it purna... :)

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Oh that's so nice. Yes I've always been wondering a bit about the secret behind your name but now we know :)

"Some think I am actually South African"

They shall remain anonymous hahaha *ducks and covers as English book shelves come flying her way*

6) gave me goosebumps o.O
I'm hoping for a similarly magical moment when Germany becomes World Test Champion in 2040.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Mohammed Rafique opened in that match, right? I remember seeing the scorecard in a book I pulled out in a library which was published prior to the '99 world cup. :)

Reverse Swing said...

damn! I thought you were and Indian hehehe sorry for that :P

Nice to know you :) I was and somewhat am an Bangladesh cricket supporter specially when they started to show some talent and fight but then somehow they lost there way. But once again there is something in there team to cheer about but it is usually one or two players they are lacking though team work and winning attitude. I wonder what if they were still a part of Pakistan result may be not much different hehehe.

I hope they recover soon and put some competition in cricket world some time I am bored of only 4 teams fighting over and over against each other.

Purna said...

Hehe, thanks Baiju.

SP, I will have to do some real research as I only remember bits and pieces but maybe...

Wes, my name is odd. I know! And I will eagerly wait for 2040!

CT, I think you are right about that one.

Reverse, HAHA. Yes I hope so too. A lot of work is being put into them, but if they are not going to listen what can the coach and management do you know? Ashraful is a prime example. Idiot.

Aditya said...

Who would you support in a South Africa vs Bangladesh match?
and I do not expect a diplomatic answer from you !

Do they play cricket in U of T ? :)

You really watch a lot of cricket considering the time zone you live in! Never let the spirit die down!!

Purna said...

Bangladesh hands down. I was even celebrating their victory against the Saffers.

Yes they do. We have an engineering group who play cricket. They won some inter-university or inter-department (I'm not too sure which) tournament this year.

They all come terribly late at night. Fortunately I am nocturnal.