"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There's a poll over at the Super Sport website asking whether Biff should be replaced as captain.

So far 370 voted, 70% said no and 30% said yes. Which is strange as I know many people who want Biff to be replaced.

It is a fair call, Biff has been testing Saffa fans with his pig-headedness and motor-mouth for a while now. We didn't mind it so much last season because he was actually producing results on the field and breaking some bones in the process. This season, we have gone back to disliking him.

It's not unfair, because leaders are really tested when the team is down. Currently, the team is a level below down and Biff has done zilch to turn things around. He tried in the Champions Trophy, but he failed.

However the question is, is it too late to replace him? The World Cup is only 14 months away and training a new captain is an added hassle they don't need right now. Plus, Botha might be slapped with yet another chucking accusation. Anytime now.

If Biff is replaced and Botha is too busy trying to straighten his elbow, Ashwell Prince might captain SA. When was the last time he played again?


Sigh. It looks like we will have to let the Buffalo be captain for yet another World Cup.


scorpicity said...

After all he has done... replace him? Whoa.

Oh, am at loss of words watching the saffers get kicked by the poms. What the hell is happening?

Purna said...

I don't know what's happening. That's why all Graeme has done has no value :P. He needs to keep it up right? As does his team-mates.