"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sorry, another busy day is upon me. I did get a chance to browse through a wide array of cricket news for a few minutes though, so I'm leaving you with my amalgam of random cricket thoughts.

1) AB de Villiers thinks the series is like two heavyweight boxers going at each other. I got a shocking image of Stuart Broad in his Barbie outfit being chased around the ring by mini, adopted, son ROFL. Of course ROFL's alien is screaming obscenities at him and Broad is trying to offer him tea from his very own kitchen as a peace offering.

2) Michael Clarke and Lara Bingle may have split...or not. Apparently, Lara's young ways is creating problems between the two. Really? And here I was thinking 22 is the perfect age to settle down with a guy whose career you have absolutely no interest in. What a bunch of funny idiots these celebrity-types are! Also quite hilarious is this picture, where Lara has a net on her head and Clarke is looking very much like those dolls that cry out 'Mama' when you squish them.

Boy toy

3) Dilshan continues to remain the lone Lankan assassin, with a little help from Angelo Mathews this time. However, the most interesting fact is that the Indian spinners picked up most of the wickets...on an Indian pitch. Surely, ICC will come knocking on BCCI's door soon?

I am bracing myself for some much needed drama. Forget about AB's diary entries and Clarke's relationship problems. The always giving ICC and BCCI will embark on their soap opera soon. Keep your remotes handy children.


Rishabh said...

To be honest all these celeb couples do break up one day or the other. This relationship was no exception.

Meanwhile, I pity Dilshan for being given out wrongly. Had he been there, Sehwag could have been kept waiting for his turn to pulverise the Lankans.

Purna said...

Was he given our wrongly? That's upsetting. Sehwag was brilliant though.

Vim said...

He was given out so so wrongly. The ball would have knocked over the stump if it had been a foot higher and a foot further to the side. But he didn't play a shot even through it hit his leg about half way down the pitch.

Vim said...

Clarke always looks constipated. It is 'resting' face.

Purna said...

Poor Dilshan.

He looks too rested there. I am just wondering Vim. If the Aussies think Ricky is a bad captain, what will they say when Clarke takes over?

Vim said...

Like the Deluge and the Day of Judgement rolled into one.

It is rather unimaginable.

But then who would have suspected the level of 'imagination' in making him captain of the 20/20 team? A man who doesn't like hitting the ball, just nurdling singles one out of every 2 deliveries.

What I am worried about is that I just won't care about any of them by then anyway.

Purna said...

Haha. Aww, don't give up on them Vim. Look at us Saffa fans. 17 years and we are still behind them.
Clarke is fine for ODI's. I can't judge him in T20's because Ricky wasn't the best there either. But tests...I bet they are going to give the test captaincy to Kato.