"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, December 28, 2009

Drinking is art

More specifically, drinking Gatorade is an art. Just ask Matt Prior. He knows it, he has mastered it. He does it with a perfect ease and grace that enrichens the experience of drinking the wonderful fluid. His team mates have yet to learn it from him but Graham Onions makes a decent effort here.

South Africa vs England, Test 1

While KP is completely breaking all rules and grabbing the bottle like an ogre. How distasteful.

South Africa vs England, Test 2

But Prior continues to practice the art like it is his religion and holds the drink perfectly with his right hand while making a questioning gesture with his left. The complete gesture includes a quizzical look on someone's face in the picture.

Why is Prior always confused? I think it's because he continues to be over-shadowed despite being a pretty decent batsman and wicket keeper. He is just there, always taken for granted and usually unappreciated. Someone please send him a love letter because the stress is giving him wrinkles and making him balder by the day.

At least the art of Gatorade drinking is never compromised.


The MG said...

Nice pair of photos! Almost an identical pose from Priory there. Ah, the grace, the elegance. Almost like an Ian Bell pull shot the delivery before he shoulders arms to a straight one. KP looks like he's trying out to be a contortionist and failing miserably.

Purna said...

I hope there are two more of these in the third and fourth test. Maybe we can sell it as legitimate art like Michael Vaughan and his paint balls.