"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buttniggle is an ass

Colly Buttniggle, who I like as a cricketer, has turned out to be a bit of an illiterate. I learnt about it on Reina's blog. Nestaquin of 99.94 has written a really good piece on it too. Have a read here .

The comment made by Buttniggle was this:

It won’t be easy to find a golf course in Bangladesh, if there is one, they’ll probably have wooden clubs

If is one of the most thoughtless, tactless and ignorant comment I have ever heard. I said one of the, because unfortunately I have had to come to terms with the existence of George Bush.

I use the word ignorant rather than arrogance because I find it amusing when people from the first world, who are the pioneers of what is politically incorrect, talk like they have never been to school before. It is even more hilarious when the comments centre around the third world, where EVERYBODY is illiterate according to them. I am not even exaggerating. When I first came here, people were shocked that I knew how to speak English in just four days.

As Nestaquin pointed out, that is a joke about the poverty stricken in Bangladesh. Some may argue that such jokes are expected from the unsophisticated Collingwood. But who the fuck makes jokes about people who die because they don't have food? That is just a poor example of humanity.

Nesta has enough information about the golf courses in Bangladesh in his piece (I must say, I am rather impressed with his knowledge) so I won't stress on that. But my question is, what is the problem even if there are wooden clubs Colly? Why can't you play with them? You are not playing a tournament. It's for fun.

Growing up in a poverty stricken country means we don't have everything, like the best facilities in cricket. But we still aspire to become a world class team. We dream big and we make do with what we have. We learn the concept of sacrifice early. If that means that we have to play golf with wooden clubs or cricket with a log, so be it. Then, when we walk into the impressive halls of Lords we stand in awe, and thank our stars that we have been given this opportunity. We don't demand, we don't make tasteless jokes.

I must warn Colly that golf clubs are not the only thing that he will be seeing in Bangladesh. He will also see little children with bare feet, running into bowl fast, blisters all over. And lots of people, cramped into the edge of the roof of a twenty storey building, because they can't afford to buy a ticket. But that won't stop them from supporting the team. Maybe you should take a leaf out of their books Colly. You might be pleasantly suprised.


Anonymous said...

I'm a tad humbled and embarrassed by all the nice things you've written so in appreciation I'd like to share a little more knowledge that I'm sure will make you happy.

Bangladesh are developing into a powerhouse golfing nation in their part of the world and they have some of the most exotic and beautiful courses in the region too. Although, in the regional areas you do have to watch out for the occasional tiger! (Maybe one will eat Colly and do us all a favour)

At the 2010 South Asian Games they swept every medal in the sport. Gold, Silver and Bronze in the individual event and Gold in the teams with India a distant second by 13 strokes!

BTW at present Cricket Minded is my favourite blog. I visit every day and love the picture of Amy as well as your wonderful sense of humour. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Go Purna, GO!

Growing up in Norway and South Africa always meant I would get stupid questions (Did you live in a straw hut? Were there lions in the streets? Do you have cd-players?), no matter where I was (do you live in igloos? Are there polar bears in the streets? Do you have cd-players?). While you can't really blame 10-year-olds for not knowing better, you would expect people to -at the very least- realize how little they in fact know and have some humility about it.

I had a conversation with a grown woman who, having lived her whole life safe and sound in Norway, said that she "did feel sorry for the refugees from Congo, but it's not like they would have _died_ if they stayed there."

Yes, it is like that.

Sorry, not a humorous post. I've had much respect for Buttniggle myself, but that just flew out the window and hit itself in the head with a wooden club.

- die Fraulein
p.s. All the example questions above are things I have actually been asked.

Anonymous said...

p.s. they did just lose to NZ, but they still put up a real fight this time.

Rayden said...

Is Buttniggle - Paul Collingwood?

And regarding weird questions, ever since Slumdog Millionaire came out and when my clients found out I live in Mumbai, some of them think I provide my services from slums.

mspr1nt said...

Speaking of Bangladesh. How cute was Shakib when he was doing his end of series speech. Shame. I just want to package him and put him in my pocket.

Unknown said...

He has gone down seriously in my estimation, but after all, he is a sportsman... not all of them should be allowed in front of a mic.

Mahek said...

Slumdog Millionaire is the worst advertisement for the subcontinent. Right down to that stupid song at the end.

Unknown said...

Poverty sells, unfortunately.

Purna said...

Nesta, that did make me very happy. We did pretty well in the recent South Asian Olympics as well :).
I love the picture of Amy as well. But you just put pressure on me man!

Frau, oh man, I know those questions. They are soo annoying! I got the do you live in igloos one from Americans :P. They were okay in the 3rd ODI. Just okay.

Rayden, yes he is.

Miss, is he making your cute XI then?

Anonymous said...

Purna, what a great post. You rule.

Soulberry said...

Curious that widely travelled cricketers continue to have limited views. Like Saadi said, "A traveller without observation is a bird without wings." And such a wingless bird can do little but buttniggle...

Barry said...

I have just started a blog. Have a look at it.


Reisa said...

He's such an ass. Wooden golf clubs? Really.