"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Congrats Shakib, but so what?

I see on Crapinfo in this glorious day at work (where I am sleeping) that Shakib has ended Jacques Kallis' reign at the top as a Test all-rounder. A great achievement to say the least. Toppling Jacques Kallis requires 10 more Jacques Kallis's. Both literally and metaphorically.

While I am very happy for Shakib, this is not good for the team. Remember when India only relied on Tendulkar and he was the only one bringing in the accolades? What did that do for India? Nothing. Of course Bangladesh is an even worst version of that Indian team, but honestly, this only means that the rest will rely on Shakib even more now. The attitude will be, we got Shakib and Shakib's got our back. Hence we will continue to be who we are. An embarrassment.

I haven't been watching their recent games because checking the scores on Crapinfo the next day makes me miserable enough. Bangladesh should probably give up their test status and register as a county team. If they will take them that is.Who wants a county team who ends most of their five-day ventures in two? And their one day ventures before lunch.

You would think that Shakib's continuous achievements would inspire the others. But no, they continue to pile it on the boy. It's quite sad really. Or really smart. Make him do all the work and take all the credit right?

FYI Bangladesh, it didn't work for India and it won't work for you.

You better believe it.


Cricket Blog said...

Toppling Kallis is indeed a huge achievement. Well done to Shakib, he continues to impress and consistency is the key to a class player.

But you are right, they cannot keep relying on him, the others must now step up to the plate. Too many times they have been given a good foundation, only for some players to give it away.

~ Rory

Purna said...

Hi Rory, thank you for your comment. Yeah, Shakib might be burnt out well before his time thanks to the added stress. That's a legitimate fear I have.

CricketingMinds said...

Stardom is being given to Shakib. Not good. Not good. Stardom takes you down. Biggest example: Indian Cricketers.

Laxman being one of them. Just to see how badly he has done recently I crunched some numbers and presented in my blog. May be you will like it. http://cricketingbrains.blogspot.com/2012/02/vvs-laxman-truly-great-or-truly-average.html

If you do please do share a comment and let me know what you think.

Your blogs reveal you have a great sense of humor and a sharp cricketing brain. So would love to hear your feedback thanks!

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