"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I have hope

Now that the World Cup is over (and I have no other excuse to stay up all night and be disfunctional at work), I look forward to the Aussies coming to Bangladesh. More so because for the first time, I have hope.

That would be hopes of a win. Yes, a win. Against the Aussies.

Let me tell you why.

First of all Australia are living on reputation. They are no longer to be feared, specially when they are being led from the front my someone called Pup. Michael John Clarke is your captain? Really Australia? Michael Clarke who has yet to figure out what One Day Internationals actually are? Let's not talk about how good he was once upon a time because Michael Clarke...also living on reputation.

Second of all, any recent ODI's where Australia did not lose were played against Kenya, Canada and New Zealand.

Third of all we have spinners. Actual spinners. Not some Warne wannabes. It is irrelevant that we never had a Shane Warne to live up to. What is relevant is that YOU can't play spin.

Fourth of all Australia in the subcontinent. Do I need to even explain that?

As you can see, as this post has progressed, the hope has grown into belief. Soon, I will be gloating all over the delusional Sid from Thoughts from the Dustbin. Incidentally, she thinks it's only Bangladesh. Go read it here.

At least we had the brains to drop Crashrafool. I hear you've still kept Mussey?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I notice you didn't have the balls to come to my blog yourself and make a comment. Please, like you stand a chance against us.

raj said...

Like Bangla have a chance against the mighty Aussies who whupped the men from Old Blighty 6-1. No, not in Lawn Tennis.

Yes, Shakib and his men beat England - but just scrambled across the line. Shafi isn't going to repeat that innings in a lifetime - not in domestic cricket, not in club cricket, not in Street Cricket.
And then there's Ricky free of the responsibilities of explaining Duckworth to Shane, sleeping on the floor next to him to help him overcome the ghosts and changing Smith's nappies.
What can he do to Bangla's single note bowling?

Can we focus on getting Durby out of intl cricket once and forever, purna? Lots of promise you delivered on that - still no Cigar?

Purna said...

Even if we don't win this is going to be a good contest...you know the Aussies forgetting how to play cricket and all...I am looking forward to watching them imitate us and having a batting collapse! You KNOW it will happen.

I can't get Durby out now! He won the World Cup and thanked Sachin!

tracerbullet007 said...

Bangla will no doubt stretch the Aussies....but they will fear Ponting...free of the captaincy, he will feel like the weight of the world has lifted from his shoulders..

Anonymous said...

You realise we haven't actually forgotten how to play cricket, don't you? I believe there was an unbeaten summer not so long ago for us ... and then 6-1 defeat of England and all. When your lot defeat England 6-1, we can talk.

Purna said...

Oh yes! What a meaningful contest that was! We beat England in a world cup. You handed them the T20 championship :P

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