"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, April 15, 2010

And now Anil Kumble

Twitter: the final frontier. Well for a lot of cricket folks anyway. Certainly for Lalit Modi, and for Anil Kumble too. For Anil it's also similar to visiting his shrink. After a hard day on the field Anil goes on twitter to vent, because twitter is a private place where no can see what he writes. Maybe twitter is his brain and the tweets are his thoughts! That's how it works right?

Wrong. Tweeting is akin to speaking in a press conference, unless you have your tweets protected. But evidently, nobody told him that:

  The loss to DC was a huge setback for us and it was very disappointing after Steyn had set it up nicely for us with a torrid opening spell.

 Unfortunately Steyn's good work was largely undone by his fellow south african Kallis who seems to have his own agenda in this IPL

Kallis seems more interested in his fight with Sachin for the orange cap rather than in trying to secure a semi final berth for his team.

Let me remind Kallis that cricket is a team game, his orange cap is totally worthless and useless to us if we cannot make it to the semis.

Okay, so Kallis has fucked up here and there for the RCB. As a captain, he has every right to criticize him. But questioning his commitment to the game is pretty uncalled for. He speaks like a bloody gossip magazine rather than a captain, but why am I surprised? Anil Kumble was never captain material. Just for the record, I am not lashing out on him because he said something about Kallis, although I am a Kallis lover. If you visit his page you will see him saying unsavoury things about the others too. People who are already out of form, being judged by their 'captain' on twitter. Nice eh? 

Then he justifies his outburst with this:

Sorry for my outburst about Kallis, it is a do or die game today, pressure to win is too much, team bosses say even my job is on the line.

Kallis is my dear friend, I can understand his liking for all things orange including caps, after all we were playing in the 'orange' city. 

His job is on the line, so he takes it out on others. Way to handle the pressure old man! Hey Anil, if you can't deal with the captaincy, don't take it. This: the tweeting, the public speaking, keeping it together when your job is on the line...all of this shit is part of being a captain.  

And let ME remind YOU that it is because of Kallis' indomitable form in the beginning that RCB is in the running for the semis. But maybe you want him to do all the work like South Africa. What the fuck would South Africa do without Jacques Kallis? Well that's a question I don't even want to think about.

I know what you are going to say here: Kallis has a big fat ego. Well my answer to that is, some people are justified in having an ego. Jacques Kallis is one of them.


pRAFs said...

what kind of an ego can he have, if he gets beat by praveen kumar at arm wrestling?

oh wait, i just remembered that report..... praveen actually had assaulted a doctor...that was after he had gone on a gun shopping spree... may be he was drunk too..

Unknown said...

Actually Kumble's bowling has been almost as important a factor in RCB's earlier good form. He's pushing forty now, and is probably in his 'dad who says embarrassing things on social websites' stage.

Anonymous said...

i dont think its kuble's blog. some pranksters owns it probably

Unknown said...

It does seem to be fake. Look at this:

@LalitKModi Hi Lalitbhai, this Shashi tharoor guy seems to be another maverick malayali like our Sreesanth. Are all malayalis like that haha

Kumble's way too diplomatic for this.

Purna said...

pRAFS, maybe he beats Prave Kumar at 'other' things...ahem!

Rishabh, true but he had Steyn bowling well as well, while Vinay Kumar and Praveen Kumar got wickets. Kallis pretty much was the only batsman for them will KP and Ross came and Uthappa decided to join. But Ross and Uthappa are still unpredictable.

I don't know if this is him but when this is based on one of his post-match interviews. He said pretty much the same things there. Maybe the person impersonating him is taking his words and exaggerating it, doesn't change the fact that he said something similar.

imemyself said...

From the language of the posts, it is certainly not Kumble's. Certainly he is too diplomatic to use twitter to comment about his teammates. Its a fake.

About Kallis, he did praised him when he was doing great. He also didnt told anything about him in the previuos matches when we was not scoring freely. Only in the last match he said negative about Kallis's batting.

Dont worry, Kumble will be the first one to recognise Kallis contribution in this IPL. Cheers.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Like the others said, this is deffa NOT Kumble. He's too nice a guy to say that. He may shout and scowl at the players when on the field. However, when they leave the field, for him, it's a matter of What happens in the cricket field stays in the cricket field

Kallis has been like a turtle in a couple of the matches. However, there's no doubting that RCB would have been floundering from the start if it had not been for his consistency at the top of the order. It really does help when you can, without a doubt, get a good start from one of your openers

Unknown said...

Yeah, Kallis was pretty instrumental to their earlier success. What probably happened is that with all the power hitters, he seems to think he can leave them to get any required run rate.

Kumble did address this, but other captains also criticize their teams. Ganguly with the 'pathetic' rant, Dhoni a few games ago, and Gambhir got a twofer - DD and RR.

Anonymous said...

Kallis SuckS!!!

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