"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That Buffalo factor

It's been a while since I have bashed Graeme. He didn't do anything more stupid than usual. But then, he dropped a catch yesterday.

Some would argue that it was a hard one. But if you watched him carefully, you will know that his big, hefty body didn't even leave the ground. Which it should, because he is a fucking Saffa. Then again, Saffa fielding yesterday was so morbid, I wanted to slowly suffocate myself to death. I sincerely believe that would have been more enjoyable.

Just a few moments later, Jacques, the other 'fat' Saffa took a stunning jump catch at the slips. He is not even as tall as the Buffalo. So technically, had the Buffalo not been so grounded, he would have caught that, with his extra 4 inch.

He also got out before lunch today, just when we thought that the big match batsman in him will deliver.

Graeme Smith is a twat and a vertical waste of space.


Anonymous said...

and just when I thought you'd gotten over your morbid hatred of Biff ...

I still like him.

But I really want you guys to beat India so get your shit together already, Biffster!

Purna said...

Sid, don't dream like that. We are not England...although I am seriously hoping for rain and for Morne to pull an Onions.

How the English are laughing at us now!

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

The Poms are sure not laughing currently.

Sid what do you like about Biff?

Purna don't be so harsh on him, it is hard catching and batting with a broken finger.

~ Play For Country Not For Self ~

Purna said...

But Hashim is batting with a swollen elbow :P

Anonymous said...

I remember when Biff came to England as a relatively young captain and got more than one double century against England. It was a joy to behold.

Silly Point said...

The main black mark against Smith these days is that as captain of a national team he dates such an ordinary woman Brigitte (mannish) Sarembock. He should be setting standards with his choice of women. Maybe now that he's getting long in the tooth he can't command the likes of that gorgeous blonde he used to date.

He had a poor tour of India.

And that Brandon guy from Cricket Corollary seems to have disappeared forever.

Purna said...

What has that got to do with his cricket?
It was worse than poor.

I know :(. I am so mad at him for leaving without saying anything!

Anonymous said...

Silly Point, wtf does his girlfriend's looks have to do with anything? If they like each other and make each other happy, should he dump her for a prettier blond?

"Sorry, I know you think she's wonderful, and you're in love, but you need to dump her anyway, because a bunch of hairy internet-trolls don't think she's pretty enough."

-die Fraulein

Anonymous said...

Dont know how in love Graeme is with Brigitte, ex girlfriend Minki in SA heat says they still sms each other, also appears to suggest that Graeme may have wanted a reunion but she has no interest, still Brigitte appears happy to play second best, wont be the first or last lady to turn a blind eye for the free vacations and celeb bashes and cash, cant imagine a serious gf allowing text contact with the ex, but if they are all happy with the arrangment, I suppose what ever works for you.

Purna said...

Is this all tabloid news Anon? Because I don't know how much you should believe from those.