"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, February 15, 2010

Save JP

His batting is in dire straits.

Not surprising. Players may make fantastic debuts, then they falter. Their technical flaws are exposed, their inexperience slaps them in the face and sends them back to the pavilion. On top of that, they have all these added burden of being worth $950,000 and meeting people's expectations as a player to watch out for. You can't judge a player's greatness by one season. It's illogical. Yes, Ian Chappell, that was a response to you.

I am also guilty of having high expectations from the little man. I enrolled him in my sweet-faced assassin group and said this was the year of JP.

Since then, he has made fleeting appearances on the field. His okay bowling against England saved his test spot. But JP, you ain't a bowler, you are a god damn batsman.

We also thought he was an awesome fielder. To duly prove us wrong, the little man dropped Sehwag at the slips yesterday. Sehwag went on to make 165. Okay, so he isn't a slip fielder. But he does have great reflexes right? That drop was just a disconnect between brain and limbs.

I am extremely disappointed in him. Or I can just blame the Buffalo for putting him in the slips in the first place. But I won't, as tempting as that is. JP's batting woes is obviously causing him to fuck up everywhere else.

So it's time to save JP, meaning it's time to drop him. It's not a big deal. Every cricketer, no matter how great, needs a kick in the ass at some point. Sending JP back to the nets will shake him up. He will come back stronger. Like Hashim, like Dale, like Morne, like...well pretty much everybody.

Save JP from crumbling beyond repair under the weight of expecations. I need my baby faced assassin back.


Barry said...

It seems like he only pushes forward and doesn't go back. He should watch some videos of Thorpe or Andy Flower and learn as both were similar type of batsmen but were good at either back foot or front foot and played with soft hands unlike Duminy.

It is mainly about minor adjustments that he needs to do. So don't worry about him too much lol!

Barry said...
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Mahek said...

Censor board strikes!

Barry said...

I did post my comment twice, so I deleted the second comment.

I'm extremely sorry for that.

Barry said...

I did post my comment twice, so I deleted the second comment.

I'm extremely sorry for that.

missjane said...

Greyblazer, that's either deliberately really funny, or accidentally really funny... :)

I'm with you Purn; the odd dropping is good for them. So to speak.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Keep JP, drop Ash.

0 runs + wickets > 0 runs

Seventoes fails again

Purna said...

Grey, you can say that again.

Wes, oh yes. Ashy P should be the first to go!! But JP dropped another one yesterday...

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Well JP is obviously having a Kami. He needs someone to back him up. I am sure he can shine. Ashy on the other hand... I don't have a good feeling.