"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Losing at home is the new thing

Just not losing, losing by an innings and some runs. England's only loss in the Ashes was an innings defeat. The Saffers pulled off the same show of ultimate crap at home and now India has dramatized it to the max.

Note, in between there were series such as Pakistan in Sri Lanka, the Kiwis in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka in India, Windies and Pakistanis in Aussieland and Pakistan vs New Zealand in Oil land. But the hosts won there (or the Sheikhs won by making money), so they are banned from taking part in this new trend. The Kiwis and the Deshis committed additional crimes by losing at home, but not by an innings. Disgraceful!

However, I must admit India did it with style. The Poms and the Saffers carefully made sure someone attempted to stand out, but doesn't really follow through. Not with India. In India, there are always heroes.

Sehwag entertains the crowd, gets out, says sorry. Sachin keeps hopes alive, gets unlucky, walks back. Durby slashes his bat around like some cheap imitation of Superman and fails inevitably. That turban causes too much friction during his flight through the air. That's why Superman put it as a cape on his back, Bhajji.
This time, their fast bowler puts up a fight too. If Witchy, Aamer and Dale are doing it, why not Zaheer?

Even after all the heroics, they cannot be saved from an innings defeat. It may be because the enormous tasks themselves are tired of being done by the same heroes. They are on strike. "Make new Indian players write history", they scream. But who is listening?

Or maybe it was the hypnotic effect of the newest number one trend in the world. If aspiring number one England and stuttering number one South Africa can do it, why not the actual number one themselves? And do it one notch above them too. With flair and style, falling merely 6 runs short. Making sure that their fans are much more disappointed than the Poms and the Saffers.

That way, they are number one in defeat as well. This commitment to the top most rank has impressed me immensely. Clearly, all doubts about which team in the world is currently number one, have been dispelled.



Unknown said...

I just read your blog for the first time... I'm impressed!
The number one spot seems to be cursed when it isn't Australia's... whoever attains it is bound to lose soon!

Trideep said...

India needs to bowl better if they are to retain the #1 spot.

Reverse Swing said...

India needs better bowlers specially pacers if they have to have any chance of attain #1 position.

Zaheer Khan alone can't do it specially when there is no one to support.

Purna said...

Thank you Rishabh! But even the Aussies don't deserve it right now.

Trideep, I'm not sure you can blame it all on the bowlers. Some of your batsmen played very strange shots. Bhajji and Zaheer batted like it was the third session on the last day. I think they forgot that tests are five days :P.

Maddy, well they are bringing Sreesanth back, the pitch will be turning and Laxman will be playing again. I am certain that they are going to win the second test. Although, they still lose points if they draw right? I'm not sure about the system.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Points, ranks, centuries, stats, who cares about this shit, they can't win the series anymore XD
Will be a harder fight for SA in the next match as India will have a better plan (one should assume). But they gave India some fist to smell tehehehe. And Smith must start to moo!!!! And don't put Kallis in the slips plz and do something about Ash like smacking reason into him for instance
Hooray we're going to NZ!

SixSixEight said...

Ooooh I just love an innings and victory in a match. Even when it's England who have gone down that way as they did at Sabina park last year [although that was an away one].

Obviously with Mr Steyn leading from the front I was going to drop by your blog and say hi properly. But you found me first.

As long as they keep injury at bay I think the Saffers could get and keep the no1 spot. They can bat and not only have good bowlers but ones that are complimentary - they have a great attack unit. And to get 20 wickets that's what you need.

Unknown said...

India will go for broke, and definitely not play for a draw... so assuming India will take risks, there will surely be a result in this match.

Purna said...

Wes, Smith WILL have to moo soon. But Ashy P cannot be saved.

Welcome Six :). Yes, twenty wickets is the key. But I fear Mr. Steyn can't keep on taking half of it all the time. Hopefully the other bowlers will step up next time too. Frankly, it's the batting that worries me more at this point. Our lower order aren't experienced at the subcontinent and Ashy P has lost it. The Buffalo took three tests to score some runs against England..so I don't know whether he will be able to step it up earlier this time.

Rishab, India is under pressure yes...but they deliver under pressure too.

Barry said...

Leaving Zaheer all Indian quickies seem to turn into trundlers very quickly.

Impressive blog.

Purna said...

Thanks grey. I've added you to my blogroll :).

Anonymous said...

Points, ranks, centuries, stats, who cares about this shit ...

Wes, India do. No one else does.