"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Hallmark Card

To: India
Love: The Saffers

Roses have thorns
And violets are blue
I am a rose and I will screw you
Come to us on V-day
Watch us make your fast bowlers looks gay

Send in the spinner 
And we might look loose
But when Durby gets wickets, you hate it too
Ashy P will get out anyway
JP can't fucking play

We will lose this
But that is just fine
You're stuck with Durby who doesn't have line
We will take the draw
What else are we good for?
We might be mean
But this is the truth
Whatever we say, we really mean


Unknown said...

lol, that's mean, especially when we did well for once :P

Anonymous said...

Oi, that's a bit rude.

What has happened to JP???? Doesn't he want to play international cricket anymore? Is he bored with it?

Anonymous said...

HAHA f***ingly hillarious
suits them ..good one purna!

hey r u on fb ?

anon AB en bouch

Purna said...

I am very annoyed with the Saffers and taking it out on the Indians.

Lou, JP just misses Ozland.

Anon Bouch, I am :). But it's difficult to find me. You should just give me your real name and I'll find you. It's Mark Boucher yes?

Mahek said...

What's the deal with being hard to find? Maybe you're a sailor masquerading the blogosphere as a comely lass. Well, not so comely if one were to go by your language :P

BTW, look up Mahek Vyas on facebook.

Barry said...

As far as Duminy is concerned it is the usual case of players struggling in their second season.

I don't think he is as good as what everyone thought he would be. Chappell even thought he would be the next great player!

Anonymous said...


n it is not mark boucher or AB , AB comes first okay :-p..:-) its........................

anon AB en bouch

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

This is absolutely depressing, just as I am writing this AB fricked up a stumping. Oh hell. But you can't blame him. The reasons lie in the first innings.

~ Play For Country Not For Self ~

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

from Cricinfo:
"Albie Morkel and Van der Merwe are sitting in the crowd. Why?!"

Anonymous said...

they were probably there to make biff realize how they cud be there in the team n change the situtation n tht biff made a mistake of no taking hem in the team! lol

Anonymous said...

Did JP really drop Sehwag? EEEyooo. Man he better bowl them out as he is on a real downer just now.

Purna said...

Mahek, you never know ;). I looked up Mahek Vyas and found pictures of a little girl...

Grey, I agree. He is still so new. Has a LOT to learn.

Anon AB (hehe), Saffers were terrible in the field overall yesterday from what I saw.

Anonymous, Albie in tests? NO NO NO!

Wes, they are probably there for the ODI's. And to support Morne of course.

Lou, we can only dream!

Mahek said...

Damn, that was below the belt! I looked myself up and it was my profile I came across. This is the one you're looking for:


Like I said, that was below the belt! Not that you can ever relate to being hit below the belt. Unless...