"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Over at Kiwiland

I feel I should show some love the the Bangladeshis. I was pretty upset with them after the ODI's, but they are being...well...okay in the tests. Not really, but then again they are. I don't know how it works...or maybe it only works with Bangladesh.

Their first innings bowling was pretty alright till Guppy and Baz flattened them. Rubel still ended up taking a fiver. When the opposition bats for all of eternity, you are bound to get a few. But in 29 overs, that's not bad. Good for you, Rubel.

Then obviously the lower order had to do a shit load of work to make up for the disaster that is our middle order. Tamim and Imrul are solid openers, but they need to learn how to build bigger partnerships because after them, it is just one train wreck after another. Which is sad because I like Junaid. A lot. Not in that way. Relax.

My son failed, let's not talk about it. Thankfully, the other son that I am thinking of adopting, Mahmudullah, made up for it. As long as it is in the family, I am one happy mommy.

I am blisffuly ignoring Crashraful's existence. He bats like that anyway. A ghost that may or may not be there. It doesn't make a difference to anybody. I doubt at this point, it even makes a difference to him whether he exists or not. So why should we bother? Life is too short.

Anyway, now the Kiwis are 1 down. They still have a big lead and will probably stretch it to 300 before the Deshis bat again. Upon which they may get close or may not. Regardless, I find it really strange that they actually perform better in tests than they do in ODI's. Barring the last one they really sucked there, but tests are where they put up a fight. Maybe the time contraint stresses them out, as they might reveal in the second innings by collapsing.

But my question is, does this make Bangladesh a team that is progressing faster than we thought? Tests are the ultimate 'test', as we all keep on saying. And it is in tests that they generally perform better. They are just hopeless in the shorter format.

They are such an enigma. And I am a woman who likes mysteries. So it's strangely befitting that my team is  so puzzingly fucked.

 I was just looking for an excuse to swear.


Anon said...

McCullum claimed Shakib's catch when clearly it bounced well in front of him. Now before hastily referring to him as a cheater, I wanted to get some character references of him. So can you pull some of your strings in the NZ camp and get me some! :p

Ok now back to men's figure skating....I mean hockey hockey sshh

Mock Wah said...

seriously disappointed with Ashrafool. Mahmudullah bats at no.8 and shows hows it done..

Purna said...

HE DID WHAT? I didn't see that. Well Baz is a tattooed guy and if we are to go by the stereotypical world that is so handy when we want to be judgmental, I would say he is a cheat.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Pu we're gonna have a little fight over Mu cause you know I'm claiming him since my younger brother has turned uncute upon growing up and a beard.
Oh wait your family was gonna adopt me anyway. Okay well then I'll share him with you like my sweets.

Seventoes fails again