"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, April 2, 2010

WTF Deccan!

I followed the game today with much interest as Deccan had lost the last two. I am a certified masochist (copyright Mahek), I know. But I really wanted to see Deccan's come back. That's why I tuned in, to see them take out the anger and pain of two losses on a clueless and stuttering Kolkata. The opposite happened.

First, Ganguly made a 50. Just not a 50, he fell 12 short of a century. Saurav Ganguly- never known for his explosive batting style. Meaning, Deccan's bowling was so pitiful people wanted to donate to them. Here's a yorker Roach, see if you can get a wicket.

Roach was beyond sad. Just thinking about his bowling makes me want to feed him to roaches. Was that lame? Well, so was his bowling.

The bald man had moments of brilliance- the two catches and of course the first over where he ravaged Parmar like he was a nothing bowler. Like the good big match player he is, he scored a 50...then got out. But that was not the WTF moment. Roy and Gibbs scoring in singles was. Together, they made the required run rate go from 9.05 to 12 something. No you are not reading this wrong. ROY and GIBBS took fucking singles till the run rate went up.

I would say they were match-fixing again but I have no evidence. Wait, who needs evidence when its Gibbsy in India?

Whatever it is now Deccan probably have no chance of going to the second round. They are second last, above Punjab and BELOW KKR. That is miserable.

My only hope now is RCB...RBC. Whatever the fuck they call themselves.But they have decided that it is a smart move to replace Bouch with KP. Obviously they lost. Well done shitheads.

Sigh. That's all I have to say.


Unknown said...

It was pretty stupid. Ganguly has limited batting strengths - he plays on the offside well and he feasts on lefty spinners. Guess what? Roach feeds him with short and wide stuff and Gilly throws Ojha to him. Smart.

It was pretty sad to see Roy not being able to put away full-toss rubbish at the end, even off Agarkar.

Anonymous said...

thay removed bouch ...SHIT HEADS ! GAY MOVE TOTALLY !