"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, April 19, 2010

Deccan in the semis!

I am beyond ecstatic. Obviously, when they lost 5 in a row I was the first one to give up on them. But what you don't know is that this is my strategy. I am not even lying. It has been proven time and time again that the teams I support lose: Deccan, Trinidad and Tobago, Bangladesh, South Africa, Real Madrid...

So I changed teams. I openly announced my support for RCB in the Deccan vs RCB game and sure enough the Bangalore boys went splat all over the place, like a fat woman had sat on them. No, I didn't sit on them. I am not fat...sometimes.
I knew Deccan would pull through, because of the lovely Gilly. Gilchrist is my favourite Aussie. I think most people will agree with me. He didn't score big a single time, yet managed to drag his full, raw team into the semis. The very happy smile on his face and his natural,calm composure was very good to see. My general philosophy about Gilly is that he should always be happy. Just because he is an Aussie and the world doesn't hate him.

Deccan has done it all this IPL. Loss, win, disgusting loss, crushing win, vomit-worthy drops, eyebrows raising catches etc. etc. I do feel though that they deserve to be in the semis, simply because of the way they have clawed their way back. They went from being neighbours with the perennial losers (KKR) to sitting prettily next to the table toppers (MI). If that is not an inspiring comeback I don't know what is. And much of this is Gilly's doing. Today, Vaas put that extra special touch to it with his tremendou final over. Every fucking ball was so beautiful I choked up and briefly said hello to my emotions. See, sometimes it pays off to be associated with Saffers and choke!

But of course M-O-M went to Deccan's Knight in Shining Armour, Herschelle Gibbs. Although he got out to a stupid shot and was one of the Colly life-savers, my Hersch played the knock that pushed Deccan to at least a defendable total.

Before you say it, I know it was Roy. I just pretend not to see beyond any bald heads, so I can claim them to be any bald person I want them to be. Invariably, I always claim them to be Herschelle Gibbs. I wonder why!


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that someone else got all emotional about Vaas' last over. It was just about as perfect an over as I have seen in a crunch match. And he hadn't played for something like 6 matches.

18 years age difference between Deccan's opening bowlers. Is that some sort of IPL record?

Aditya said...

Vohoo!! Finally!!!

Now Purna be a good girl and Support CSK in the semis and whosoever who plays Deccan in the final :)

Ill publish everything in a few days, but I can tell you this I am in Dharamshala, went to watch both the matches and met Gilchrist and have a photo with him, more to follow soon! :)

Till then

Go Chargers Go!

Anonymous said...


thought id share this with u
anon AB en bouch

Abdullah said...

There is a pleasant surprise for you when and if you visit BBK ;-)

Purna said...

Lou, Jayasuriya is 20 years older than Tiwary so maybe not. Although I have no clue whether Tiwary is an opener. I don't watch Mumbai games.

Adi, I hate you. If you tell me next that you met Gibbs, I may have to support Deccan and jinx them.
I joke. I'll never do that, but I do hate you very much.

That pic was funny Madiha!

Anonymous said...

I try not to watch Mumbai games either, I'm trying to pretend that Sachin doesn't exist and that the finals aren't all in Mumbai.

Does Jayasuriya open the bowling then?

Purna said...

HAHA! I meant, I didn't know if Tiwary is an opening batsman!
But believe it or not, Jayasuriya has opened the bowling in the IPL. But so has KP...

Aditya said...

Purna, unfortunately I was not able to meet Gibbs! :(

Met other DC players namely Ojha, RP Singh..

Will upload pics tommorow so that you can hate me more :D

and Please cheer for MI in the 1st semi and 3rd place playoff, I want them to finish 4th!!!

Anonymous said...

errr its anon bouch en AB not my real name plz thnk u :-)