"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Left behind

Or rather sent home. Mark Boucher is in Cape Town, according to Twitter, meaning he is not playing in the semi finals. I am at two-minds about this. Bouch didn't have a great IPL...but then again who really keeps Bouch in their team for just his batting skills? It's his wicket-keeping that is invaluable. Also his field placing suggestions.

Am I completely mental to think that Uthappa is not an adequate replacement for Bouch? Specially in a semi-final that had to be unfortunately moved to Mumbai. Actually, I like to believe that it was deliberate and 11 men in navy blue were lurking around the Chinnaswamy stadium but I NEVER make accusations without evidence. So until I come up with a completely unrelated picture made relevant by my mad photoshop skills, I will keep quiet.

Right so, why the fuck would anyone send Bouch home? RCB have hardly found their winning combination. It's not like little boy Manish has been doing a stellar job. It's not his fault that he has been infected by the Stuart Broad puberty plague and is unable to concentrate on his game because of the tragedy. But he should still be dropped right? And the batting order shifted around WITH Bouch in the mix. It's not like they need fire power. They have Jakes, KP, Uthappa, Kohli and Rossy. And if they did need that extra blitz they would have played Morgan, which they are not. So if not Morgan, why not Boucher?

Is it just a South African fan thing to think that wicket-keeping begins and ends with Mark Boucher or are there more of you who think RCB made a mistake?


imemyself said...

I think RCB were just practical and saving money. They have already fixed their 4 overseas slot and also Uthappa is not doing bad job. So Boucher will be a journey man and hence relieved.

I will not be surprised if Boucher is not found in RCB camp next year. It is sad.

Mock Wah said...

no its not sad.. its hilarious! someone needs to tell douche-bouche that its time he stays home and play with the boys. Its not like he's improving anyhow.. pls hang ur boots! or thy shall be hanged along with them.

Rayden said...

Boucher is not finding a place because of the 4 international players rule. Hence RCB plays Uthappa as a wicket-keeper.

Unknown said...

Yeah, can't drop Kallis, KP, or Steyn, and the other spot should be between Ross/White.

Purna said...

I keep forgetting about the 4 foreign players rule. It's just such a random number!

But Ross has been disappointing no? White is virtually non-existent!

Anonymous said...

dropping Mo boucher BIG mistake..n btw hes got loads of cricket left in him ...hanging his boots not an option for him at all!
hes the toughtest n most valuable wickie n batsman south africa has today ...he alongside graeme, kallis n polly r those responsible in making of south africa a wonderful team in todays time !
btw regarding the ipl ...its useless..country first then cash man..neways lukin at teh scam in ipl i think its gud tht they dont play next yr at all !

anon bouch EN AB