"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Twitter war

Graeme Smith tweets this morning during the Rajasthan vs Punjab game,
"Sreesanth behaving like a 5 year old again!!"

Sreesanth, not too far from technology himself, logs into his twitter account and replies,
"Graeme Smith is obsessed with Sreesanth's manly face and naiive demeanour. Cage Smith, help Sreesanth"

Enraged by the homosexual allegations Smith replies,
"Sreesanth is an idiot and behaves like a 5 year old...again!!"

Sreesanth's rebuttal,
 " Sreesanth's way is the aggressive way but Sreesanth has learnt peace since Bhajji slapped Sree. So Sreesanth will do the bhangra dance and maybe Smith will stop loving Sreesanth then."

"Sreesanth is a 5 year old idiot who dances like a 5 year old idiot!!"

"Bhajji likes my dancing, so Sreesanth is happy. Sreesanth does not like Graeme Smith. Sreesanth tell Yusuf Abdullah to slap him"

"HAHA! Yusuf is junior to Graeme Smith and also a 5 year old idiot!!"

"Sreesanth will not cry, Sree won't cry, no no no....Sreesanth is crying! Sree will not continue this war anymore as Sree can't see Sree's monitor through the tears. Preity, please give Sree a hug."

"Wait! You can't walk out now! I thought of a new insult! You look like a 5 year old...MONKEY!"

And some other animal that Graeme didn't know the name of:

This picture is courtesy of Republique Cricket. Thanks for the perfect ending Suave!

Sreesanth's twitter account may or may not be legitimate. That does nothing to hamper this fictitious but soon to be true war.


Unknown said...

Haha! Hilarious!

Hawkeye said...

Smith's problem is that he's still dating the ugly Brigitte Sarembock. He even took her into the bush for a week. She gets uglier with each new pic.

Anonymous said...

Smith's problem is that he is still dating the ugly Brigitte Sarembock. He took her into the bush for a week but we don't hear that on twitter. he and Sree are both juvenile btw.

Purna said...

How do you guys not get tired of this?

Anonymous said...

Not really bothered bout looks but does this girl even work or do anything other than go on vacation and party. I would much rather smith plan out t20 campaign than party all the time. Yes people are intitled to private time but this sarembock lady just seems to want the good times,she does not seem to care bout smiths career,he would prob do better with a lady who cared bout his career.atleast minki could apprecaite this as she had a job.maybe he should let somebody take the job who will treat it seriously,amla for example who has a wife who cares and understands the duties of a captain

Anonymous said...

I recently read an interview with Sashin Tendulkar wife in a magazine, she came across as a lovely lady who really supported him and just loved him for the little husband things not the Sashin God stuff, im sure this lovely lady has played a part in his huge success and I think given the chance Hash's wife will be the same, on that tour of india, im sure hash's wife and the support she offered played a huge part in his success, as a young woman i really think these ladies are really good role models. As you are purna with your fab blog, keep up the good work, nice to see a girl kicking it with all these boy cricket bloggers, girl power to you.

Purna said...

Thank you very much Anonymous! Much appreciated.

Jenny said...

Great pics Purna. Good blogging. I agree with anon about that Brigitte Sarembock woman as well. She doesn't appear to work, just goes on holidays with Smith burning a hole in his wallet and partying.

Nishant Singh said...

LOL at the twitter wars.

Had seen the comment previously and thought it was hilarious. But this is too good !!

Rudi K said...

Smith makes a lot of errors in his twittering. Did he leave school early? BTW Brigitte Sarembock is unofficially cricket's ugliest WAG.

Anonymous said...

Smith should dump the masculine looking Brigitte Sarembock by twitter.

Purna said...

Okay guys please stop. Don't wish somebody ill. That's just wrong and if it comes bites you in the ass, that won't be too good for you will it? Let's drop this please.

Rudi, his sausage fingers prevents him from typing without errors.

Anonymous said...

Has Smith got the weakest hands in world cricket?

Purna said...

I'd say the Aussie keepers give him good competition

Anonymous said...

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