"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Steven Finn

I am about to make yet another traitorous confession: I like Steven Finn. And not because I foresee him crumbling under the pressure of being a frontline English pace bowler. I genuinely like him.

The fact that I also like Jimmy Anderson might have already told you that I have a thing for quality pace bowlers. Jimmy isn't always that fast, but I remember when he first came to the scene people were more excited about his looks and Beckhamish hair than his bowling. He didn't live upto the hype of course but then he learned to swing the ball and all of a sudden Jimmy was a new bowler. I like the fact that he failed, learned his lesson and came back with a bang.

Steven Finn is the man of the hour so I'm pretty sure I don't have to repeat his heroics from the last two days. I saw him bowl and I was pretty impressed with his ability to make the batsman play. Of course this is Division Two so I find all this excitement surrounding him and the Ashes a bit premature. However, he did pretty okay against Bangladesh. Took wickets, had a decent economic rate...basically fulfilled his duties as a backup bowler. But the Aussies are pretty pissed at the Poms so they may just kill the newbie. And that can't be good. Specially for me, since I am rarely excited about English pace bowlers.   

But so far, I like Steven Finn only for his bowling as he is yet to screw up as per Pommie tradition and make a comeback. Which means, I don't like him that much. Just the right amount for me to not bitch about him like I do about Broad. No wait, I bitch about Broad because I really dislike him and he is not a bowler.

This is confusing.

Let's just leave it at, I like Steven Finn. Fullstop.


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

I think Finn is in the fortunate situation to shine while there is no other cricket happening. No one would have given a fuck about his 14-for in county cricket (except for the people that are following him anyway), if, for instance, India had been playing a test against, for instance, Dale Steyn.

So yeah I don't give a lot about the current Finn bandwagon. The nature of a bandwagon is that people hop off quickly as soon as they spot something interesting at the roadside. We shall see for how long he can keep the bloggers buzzing.

Barry said...

His ability to bowl that length which is a touch fuller and that doesn't allow the batsmen to play either on the front foot or on the back foot is impressive for a young guy.

He may still follow in Broad's and Harmlesson's footsteps by banging it short and getting hit for 36 runs in a over lol

SixSixEight said...

I find we are of like mind on pretty much all of this right down to Barbie Broad. He is not a bowler in my books just a sarky waste of space.

I hope Finn keeps progressing as he can bowl with control, and if it means we have to wave Barbie goodbye.....

Purna said...

Interesting point Wes, although I do think you are underestimating county cricket. A lot of "players to watch out for" have emerged from here.I'm pretty sure if he continues this form he will keep the bloggers buzzing til the end of year.

grey, well Freddie is not around to piss off the batsmen so maybe not! Hopefully David Saker will save him?

Purna said...

Six, that would be lovely! Except, that would only work if England continues to pick four bowlers. I reckon Onions and Anderson will be the first choice pacers even if Finn is successful in pushing Barbie over...although he will also have to push Big Chris at the same time...which might be a little difficult!

Anonymous said...

If Finn becomes the catalyst for the removal of Barbie from the England team, I might even start supporting them.

I doubt it, but I might.