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-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Figuring out Sreesanth

You might conclude from my obsession with the bald man that I like bad boys in general. That is not the case. Honestly, I only like bad boys by the name of Herschelle Gibbs because of what he can do on the field. Which basically means Sreesanth is not somebody I am fond of.

He has the potential, but he wastes it all on clapping and crying. Sometimes even dancing.I doubted he did much else off the field and I was right. When I googled Sree I found all these videos of him dancing and that's when everything fell into place.

The guy is in the wrong profession. And to prove it, here's a video where he is dragged on stage by Sharukh Khan to dance. He says he isn't ready, but will try his best. Then he just busts out all these moves with the twenty dancers copying him to perfection. Just like a Bollywood movie.

Next, he shows up in some reality show in costume and all and hops and jumps everywhere. He even rolls on the ground. But his biggest achievement is inspiring Wasim Akram to come on stage with him. Wasim dances with a girl, not so reluctantly.

Notice, Durby is not so amused through most of it.

I doubt he is able to inspire any amateur bowler the way he inspired one of cricket's greatest players. Surely that is a clear cut sign that he belongs on stage and not on a cricket field? Somebody go and tell him. Let's not allow another person to perish in a job which isn't for them.

BTW, I forgot to mention. Don't watch the videos till the end. You might die.


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Oh my god I love the first video!!! You think well Sharukh is god and he can only lose next him but it is awesome! Haha! Hats off, very silly and funny. But Sharukh is still god.

The second one is... ah well. He is better in the group haha. Also Harbh's presence spoils a lot for me. But I don't like this sucking up to the kids thing.

Wes' last blog:

Straussy I miss you

Anonymous said...

Now I see where all the drama queeniness on the pitch is coming from. He doesn't want to be a cricketer at all but SRK.

SRK has better manners though.

Great vid there.

My favourite bit of the first one is where the camera cuts to Veru and Gautam at a table on their own and Gautam looks like he is thinking 'what is that big girl doing now?'.

Note they are on a table on their own? That's because they told all the other Indian players to bugger off for the night, they'd had enough of them to last a lifetime as it is.

Rayden said...

I think Sree himself said he would have liked to be a professional dancer and if not cricket, then he definitely would have been a dancer.

Purna said...

Ray, then why doesn't he just become a dancer?

Rayden said...

Purna - I pray for that to happen every day. Maybe he needs some encouragement and motivation. I am pretty much sure the entire cricket watching population of the world will be ready to provide some motivation to Sree to join dancing full time now.