"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To answer your questions...

1) I am back

2) I am supporting the Deccan Chargers

3) I am happy Smith is injured and Kallis is kicking ass

4) I want KKR to start losing again

5) I also want Punjab to lose

6) I am really watching Bangladesh vs England on television

7) I am re-launching my hate campaign for Graeme Swann

8) I am stunned by Justin Kemp's inclusion in the T20 World Cup squad

9) I injured Durby. More on that later.


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Heck! You really had me worried, Pu! Naughty girl! Hope you were successful at your Broadway attempts... ("Broad"way, geddit, lol)
Wow you're back... it feels so... fresh and... awesome :D
Like a spring breeze... with... added tweeting birds and... little flowers and stuff...

••• The Legsmith heads North

Purna said...

Oh Wes!! You did not!! But thank you very much for the warm welcome :).

sam said...

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Aditya said...

Awesome Purna.
I want Ms.Zinta to cry( she and Sangakkara had tears in their eyes after the RCB match) and SRK to fall to the lows of IPL 2 and Shilpa Shetty will anyways go down with the RR team !

and Go Chargers Go!
Gibbs is finally playing well! Hope he finds a regular place in the SA team again!

Anonymous said...

u 4got sumthin .....AB is not playing well too :-( n bouch is really looking sexy each day !
n thnx for the add purna!

anon AB en bouch

Purna said...

sam, do you get videos there?

Yes Adi! Join my Gibbs campaign!! I hope he makes it to the T20 WC and actually does something this time! Him and Bosman opening...Damn!

No prob Anon bouch. I am actually okay with AB not playing well. I don't like Delhi.

raj said...

Hey Durby is back. Actually, you specialise in injuries or can you work on performances as well?
Can you get Durby to flop badly and get humiliated in the IPL, for instance? Something like atleast 3 consecutie matches in which he goes wicketless, and concedes atleast 130 runs at more than 10 RPO?

Unknown said...

Looks like many of us folks want this bollywood brigade to go down! Did anyone catch the Punjab vs Bangalore game where Priety Zinta came in all beaming at the break and started spewing her "cricketing knowledge"? Disgusting to say the least.

Chennai vs Delhi, who've you got winning today?

The Vickerman

Purna said...

Vick, Delhi has seriously lost the plot this time around.

Raj, now you are just getting demanding! But let me think abt that one...I'll get back to you tonight okay?

Anonymous said...

OMW ! bouch jus tneeds to get to act in an axe add ! gettin sexier day by day n AB all the best my baby i hope he makes some runs today n check this out purna :


anon AB en bouch