"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short and Sweet

During the Kiwi vs Aus game, I was having a conversation with a friend. It went like this,

"Where is Scott Styris? Why the fuck are all these Franklins and Brooms batting ahead of him when the required run rate is 6 and over and MICHAEL CLARKE is bowling?"

Then Scott Styris arrived. And the Kiwis won a game without Vettori, Elliot and Sumo Ryder. Against their next door neighbour. You know the one with the unbeaten summer? Hasn't lost an ODI since England? Yeah them.

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now all the Black Caps need to do is keep it together for two more games and hand the Aussies their first series loss since summer in the Northern Hemisphere. I am really looking forward to that. Where the hell are the Aussies going to keep another trophy anyway? I swear they have a storage room at CA headquarters where a heap of dusty trophies that they don't care about, are lying around. Like the Natwest Trophy, after they beat England 6-1. Or that trophy they got in India. What was that one called? "It's such a long series the trophy got tired of waiting and burst into flames".

(P.S: Ricky took the ashes home)

In other news, Bangladesh came very close to winning the second ODI but the Irishman offered them alcoholic pleasures. So they decided to let the little one trample them with his tiny feet.

And you thought this post was going to have a sweet ending. Well, so did I!


Mahek said...

It was a sweet ending :P

martyd said...

Don't go predicting any sweet endings to the Chapple-Hadlee P - at least not for the Kiwis - this is a fight between big and little brothers and there are a few more rounds to go yet. As usual big brother will have a slight advantage.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Purna, they did lose ODIs since England (in India. And the series there was called... Hero Honda Cup? Where the Man of the Match got a little red moped, or am I mixing things up. Thus you had to put all efforts into not becoming MOTM. Especially not twice *lol*)

Anyway. Styris.
Ross the Boss and Scott the Lot

reina said...

They may have won without Elliott, but that doesn't mean he's not missed...

I want him back! Forget Jesse, can you focus your mystic voodoo on making Grant all better? Prettyplease?

Barry said...

Yeah India did win maybe 2 games in that series. Elliott is a underrated one-day batsman though for some reason can't get a run in tests.

Broom is a talented young batsman but lacks confidence. If picked should bat at number 5 but they make him bat at 6 or 7 and a proper batsman won't succeed if he is asked to get only quick runs. If they don't want to give him the chance to bat higher up the order he shouldn't be picked. Franklin coming in at 5 was a strange decision as just like Mills he is a clean striker but not good at rotating the strike.

Finally there was a team who won a game against Aus!

Mahek said...

Jesse Ryder
Brendon McCullum
Martin Guptill
Ross Taylor
Grant Elliott
Scott Styris
Jacob Oram
Daniel Vettori
Kyle Mills
Daryl Tuffey
Shane Bond

I'd say that's a REALLY good XI. Right up there with the best teams in the world. Unfortunately it's impossible for all of them to be fit at the same time.

Aditya said...

Hoping that blackcaps win this..I have heard enough of the unbeaten summer crap...they were playing west indies and pakistan for crying out loud at home!

If the umpire had given Morgan out it would have been a sweet ending!

and today poor Shakib was at the receiving end of another one!

btw, I have blogrolled you.Waiting for you to do the same :)
My Blog: http://forwardshortleg.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

Could you pretty please use your powers to keep b
Brendan McCullum in good form, I love him and want to marry him but he has a fab wife already so I just want him to play fab so I can see him always.thanks

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

And please shift the wickets from stupid Mitch to Nathan Hauritz and give Bond and/or Southee a ten wicket haul and Scotty a century and Guptill a double and make that Callum comes back soon.

Wes' last blog:

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Wisden said...

I just noticed that Clarke has left this tour for personal reasons. BTW, anyone know where Brandon and Mary-Jane have disappeared to?????

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Wisden, wanna have a look at these reasons?

••• Bingle's bingles ••• [don't click if under 18]

Milly said...

Yeah where has MJ gone, It is never good to lose a fellow AB lover and Purna, Bouch is now on twitter,

Milly said...

BTW Marks twitter account is Markb45, he is funny on it and Graeme has been twetting a lot lately, he said he finally managed to upload twitter on his phone, does not seem tech minded, bless him, anyway if you are still do not know who to support in the IPL, than how about team AB and Dehli, go on you know it makes sence, ha ha

Anonymous said...

Sadly, my sweet Purna - twas but a fluke ... series loss for us? Not bloody likey ... (rubs hands evilly together) MWHAHAHAHAHAHA ...

The MG said...

The account purporting to be run by Bouch has disappeared off there, so I think it was a fake.

raj said...

You did it! Durby is injured! Seriously you scare me now!