"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, March 29, 2010

Respect is what's missing

In the light of Mohammad Yousuf's retirement, I am attempting to be a little serious. Just the right amount, no less, no more.

The only thing you can hold against Yousuf is the fact that he made an emotional decision. Of course he made an emotional decision! And he has every right to because guess what? Sports is probably one of the most emotional concepts in society. And most of those who sit on the boards have no idea how it feels when you can move big, burly men to tears just by doing something you love. So don't judge Yousuf. It's a big decision to take on the dreams of so many fans around the world. And then to tell them that you won't be doing it anymore because your bosses don't know how to keep their shit together.

PCB disrespected Yousuf by banning him. He tried to bring the team together following Younis' rash decision, but couldn't. He couldn't because players in the camp realized that they could do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it, like little brats. They realized it because Younis quit. Younis quit because nobody from the PCB stepped in when all this stupid politics was going on.

I'm not trying to trace it back to the PCB and blame everything on them, although I don't think anyone will disagree with me if I did. The real problem here is not some individual or the board, but the attitude. PCB don't respect their players enough, the players don't respect the officials...I doubt they even respect each other. How the hell do you expect to have a functional team?

They treat each other like shit and point the finger wherever the finger bends. And I applaud Youhana for not wanting to be a part of this mess. Yes, it's an emotional decision. But the emotions stem from the fact that almost everyone involved in Pakistan cricket are a bunch of jokers and nobody bans them for being disrespectul, mindless, random and of course never doing their job properly.

As for him serving Pakistan, well why don't you first talk to those fuckers who are in the team and would rather do politics than play honestly? As opposed to barraging the person who probably did give his all for his team all these years.

Yousuf may be running, but those who are critizing him, aren't doing much to fix the lack of respect. So let him run.


SixSixEight said...

I've been immersed in Durham's first match of the year - so this is a bit of news!

How very sad.

Wonder what state Pakistan will be in when they finally make it to England this summer?

Purna said...

Well Shahid Afridi is the T20 captain. So maybe he will return to test cricket? They banned Younis Khan and Shoaib Malik too...so I have no idea who will captain them...

You ready for another English win? :)

Soulberry said...

Well said!

Anon said...

In other news, S.Malik is getting hitched with S.Mirza. You are all invited to the Waleema.

Rayden said...

Yousuf didnt retire for good. He said "for now i am retiring".

Its just a better way of saying, you didnt ban me, I retired. But if the ban is lifted, then I will be back as I said "for now I was retiring".

Megha said...

How do you respect someone who has no self-respect to begin with? Who has always thrown a tantrum when he did not get what he thought he deserved? (remember ICL and how MoYo used it to blackmail the PCB to get what he wanted from them?)

IMO, this is not an emotional decision from MoYo at all...this is again a blackmailing tactic...mentioning "for now" about 20 times in his so called retirement press conference gives it away. If the PCB lifts the ban on him, he will un-retire for sure.

Purna said...

Anon, I dont know about that..what if the food portions are the size of tennis balls and the dance floor is like a cricket pitch?

Rayden, he retired after he got banned.

Megha, although that ICL stint was stupid, I am pretty sure the players were moving away from the PCB because they thought this was a better option. Saffers joined the ICL because of the quota system that screws them over. Even if he was blackmailing them, how do you deal with an incompetent board like PCB? I don't think this is blackmail though. Would you want to work somewhere where your future is never safe because your bosses are idiots? It's a job for them after all. This puts food on the table and the PCB is fucking around with that.

Megha said...

Exactly Purna. If your bosses are idiots and you dont want to work for them, then call it quits. I perfectly understand that. What i dont understand is this constant yo-yoing that MoYo likes to do...he's called quits a number of times, and has always gone back on his word. Even now he says "I have retired FOR NOW"...WTH is that supposed to mean? And why exactly would anyone respect someone like that?

Purna said...

Well, cricket is his living Megha. It's probably the only thing he knows how to do. So he just can't leave it altogether. Career change is not easy, specially when you are famous.
Also, lots of people have done this. Michael Jordan (basketball-baseball-basketball again) is a prime example.