"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hersch-bad boy no more

I have proof, courtesy of Aditya.

I know Hersch isn't very good at covering his tracks but he isn't this blatant either. Plus, I am pretty sure he doesn't wear a wig.

Ooh, a bald man you thought! Must be that idiot Gibbs upto no good again. Oh no, no, no. Look how wrinkled his shirt is. Hersch is always immaculately dressed. 

Sorry, he doesn't wear glasses either.

Try and spot him, you won't be able to. He isn't there. Although Dave Warner is and he is bloody short! 

Here, I'll even give you a link. See if you can find a single picture of Herschelle Gibbs in the parties.

No? I thought so. Because he is here, and that's where he is staying put!


Unknown said...

He's in hiding of course - he's been in trouble with the law in India, I guess he doesn't want any attention drawn to him. That's also probably why he isn't scoring more than 20's.

Purna said...

You are not a Deccan fan are you??!

Unknown said...

MI all the way! Deccan's packed with some of my least favourite guys, except for Gilly!

Great new background, I didn't know we could upload our own backgrounds, hmm.

Mock Wah said...

yea, me likes the background 2! :)

@Rish yea, he I was wondering y isn't crossing 30! Reminds him his age??!

Any team that lets Durby do the big hitting should be banned for 10 years min.

Purna said...

Rishabh, MI will get stuck half way. You can be sure of it!

And it's one of the options in the new template. Add CSS. You have to upload the pics on photobucket etc. and it can't be more than 250KB but it sure looks good!

Mock, haha. Then he would have scored 35 at least :P.
I agree...who the hell lets Durby score!

Anonymous said...

Hersch is turning to the good side after all. I have a friend who went to the "IPL Nights" party for DC and MI. He said that Hersch wasn't there.

Aditya said...

I think the Match was fixed,(1% chance - basically i'm not fully convinced it has happened! ) seriously Durby scoring so much after such a vaunted MI lineup fails! and Gilly get out to such a poor shot! I love Sachin but its too hazy for me to believe that Durby did it.

Anyhow if its a MI vs KKR final my percentage of doubt will increase to 50 !

Unknown said...


nice new background!

But I almost puked after looking at Sreesanth's picture. WTF is that move anyway? That poor girl in the pic is probably in Trauma Care right now.

Purna said...

Adi, match fixing accusations against a team that has Roy and Gibbs is not a good idea. People might believe you! But I saw that match and I think Deccan are just going through their customary losing phase. They lost a few in the middle last year too right?

Vicky, she seems to be enjoying it very much actually!

Aditya said...

Yes Purna they had it last year after winning 4 in a row at the start, this year its too tight 3 in 6 !damn!

Let them believe it Purna, atleast Durby's fame will be lessened, its for the greater good!

Anonymous said...

yeah i can spot bouchie n my AB's sexy back . jakes n our very own short warner..dave warner !
oh i shud've been a tv presenter!
cool ;-)

anon AB en bouch

Anonymous said...

n finally u got to change ur background....lekker!

anon ab en bouch

Purna said...

Adi, I'm pretty sure Roy will bark at them and Gilly will make a sad face...they will shape up then. The bowlers have been terrible as of late. Singh needs to not play and Rohit too!

Anon, lekker is Afrikaans for like I'm guessing?

Anonymous said...

jip u got it purna !

anon AB en bouch