"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, March 26, 2010

Deccan playing for a loss

Operation: Game against Rajasthan

General wish/want/endeavour: Win the game

Possible problems:
Shane Warne, Gilly's 'best mate'
Graeme Smith, not playing but still Hersch's 'close' friend
Shaun Tait's yorkers
Harsh Umpires

Things going Deccan's way (estimated) :
a) One wrong umpire decision
b) Nothing

Things Deccan can do to make it easier for Rajasthan: Run Andrew Symonds out, right after Herschelle goes.

Things Deccan can do to come out of this mess:
a) Call upon the Chaminda Vaas batting ghost of yesterday (if he even exists)
b) Stop getting run out
c) Ensure that Hersch gets 5 direct, successful hits
d) Call Shaun Tait fat thereby distracting him (The horrendous Rajasthan uniform makes him look curvy)
e) Get wickets
f) Let Kemar Roach play

Some last inspiring Hollywoodesque words during the strategic time-out: If you lose, they win. If you win, they lose. Work it out, it's not complicated.

Post match thoughts: Hersch decided to drop a catch instead. It hurt like a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Shaun Tait looks "curvy"? excellent ... are there photos?

Purna said...

I'm sure there will be. I will look for them :)

Aditya said...

If Vaas has one more bad game they will surely bring in Roach! \

Rohit Sharma is as pathetic as Inzi or Arjuna while judging a run!

and I had just put Vaas in my fantasy team and he decides not to take a wicket and bowl freebies to Yusuf! :(

Purna said...

Haha. But you are doing well in that fantasy cricket thing I see. I'm not panicking yet...hopefully they'll pick up. But man why did they have to lose to Rajasthan!

Aditya said...

Yes Purna I am doing well :), it hurts a lot more when you are at the top and things don't work out ! :D

We need to win 8 matches and then it doesn't matter you finished 1st or 4th in the points table!

We have to beat Mumbai today! Hoping Durby is hit all over the park today!

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