"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank you IPL!

No genuinely. Delhi dropped AB as soon as Colly Buttniggle joined them. It's a good thing. Because I have realized that AB has no competition in the Saffa team. He can play in any position so it's usually other players who get dropped and AB fills their spot.

Wouldn't that make you feel invincible? It's not his fault. I would have felt the same.

But not in the Delhi team. There are people who can replace him, if he isn't doing well. Not on the field, but with Dave Warner opening, Gautam Gambhir back and Colly bowling well, I'm guessing they can forego the fielding. He kind of found his form in the last game he played, but at this stage in the IPL it is difficult to bank on kind of.

Dussey the ordinary, added to his woes by taking an extraordinary catch too. And he plays for KKR. That's like a slap that rebounded and came and hit you again. Yes, just like Dussey's catch. How clever am I?

Anyway, it's a good thing. Now AB will fight for his place and try to outdo Dussey...hopefully returning back to his old self in the process. Here's to Delhi not picking him for the next game either. Don't pull a stupid move just because he is AB de Villiers. C'mon Delhi! We are banking on it.


Mahek said...

We're not losing much in the field either as Collingwood and Warner are every bit as good as AB in the field. Now if we can only have Nehra back and Sehwag use his brains instead of his dick.

Unknown said...

I'd agree that competition is a great thing. But this is what AB has going against him.

1. He won't be replacing Warner- opener. That leaves Collie, McDs, and Nannes.

2. Nannes is a bowler , and the best Delhi have for now. Won't be replaced.

3. McD seems to have convinced the DD team management that he is a competent bowler.

4. That leaves AB vs Collie (and Dilshan ).

Now What AB has going against him is that Collie already has gotten a 50 in his first game while playing a steadying role. DD have 7 games left.

Collie might need 3-4 consecutive failures to get kicked out of the XI, and by nature, Collie's the sort of player who'll get you the 30s more often than not. AB is more of a match winner , but since DD might feel that they have potential match-winners in Warner, Viru, Gambhir, they need a role player.

Collie can also bowl a wee bit, and field fairly well too.

I'd say more than anything else, time is AB's biggest competitor right now.

Purna, I also realized that we hadn't blogrolled you all this time. Forgive us sinners. The deed has been done.

Anonymous said...

awww plz dont say this! in support of my baby...hes the best fielder, batsman n wicket keeper( after boucher) too ! its just tht hes going through a rough time!


anon AB en bouch

Purna said...

Meh, he will be back in the SA side no matter what...I'm just happy he needs to prove himself again to somebody.

And Vicky I loved the Saffer Saffer Bang Bang :).