"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smith in twitter controversy

During the Rajasthan Royal vs Punjab game, Graeme Smith tweeted the following:

Good start 4 the royals!pls tell me if sreesanth really needs to behave like such an idiot!!!!

CSA moved swiftly and quickly (a necessary redudancy to stress on how fast they moved) to control the damage. Graeme Smith's twitter account has been suspended indefinitely and he is to see Gerald Majola in a hearing at 6am Cape Town time. Also present in the hearing will be John Howard writing a practical exam for the ICC. Giles Clark will be present, through webcam and in his pajamas. Details of the pajamas are to be kept secret.

Sreesanth started excreting body fluids in the form of tears since Smith pressed enter as he wears an ear piece connected to his phone in his pocket, which gives him twitter updates. One with technology you know, this future generation. Anyway, last heard, he may be able to bring the Dead Sea to life. 

Somewhere, someone has cried racism. It's still obscure, but will be prominent very, very soon. No one in India gives a shit, as it is only Sreesanth and probably justified.

Of course, all that you just read is fictional and it may or may not happen. What is NOT fictional is the fact that Punjab lost and Sreesanth swore. Like the 15 other players in this IPL.  


Anon said...

LoooooL Dead Sea back to life. Man that was a good one.

Anonymous said...


Purna said...

Oh Anon, that was appalling to read. I don't know how to react to this. I know about Hersch's drinking and reckless behaviour (like driving fast) but I hadn't heard about his abusive or cheating tendencies. That's why I wanted to know:

-the parents said he had hit him in a club in public...was that ever reported in the media? and also the car thing where he smashed her face in...was that ever reported?
I'm pretty sure Gibbs caused his ex a lot of stress with his drinking but abuse is a different thing. That's why I just wanted to know...

Anonymous said...

Hersch cheated on someone? Wait ... Hersch had someone to cheat on?

He's very unattractive.

Purna said...

I'm guessing they had access to bags...