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-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, March 26, 2010

New look

Because I get bored very easily.

But mostly because Blogger has decided to finally be awesome and give us these options. There are many more so the look may change more frequently from now on, because of the above reason.

You like?

Unfortunately, none of the pictures/patterns have anything remotely to do with cricket. There is a picture of a baseball that I contemplated putting, but then I realized I can't mislead you all. Wouldn't have worked anyway.

This is what I have been doing so I don't have to watch Deccan lose.


Abdullah said...

Liking it :))

Abdullah said...

Very modern and catchy Punra!!

Abdullah said...

oooops Purna* :)

Mahek said...

As random as the fluff pieces during IPL games.

Aditya said...

The new look is better but I hope you find a cricket related picture!

It was about time! I choose wordpress over blogger because it had no customization options!

Pinky and The Brain said...

i love the new look!!!!!! now i think u personally need to change ur appearance bwahahha! kidding i love u!

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Hello Pu, I have played around with the new template editor, too, but for some weird reason it also has more limitations than the previous one... they still need to enable custom BG pics and especially provide an option to remove those white overlay masks, or change their transparency. I am afraid if all people start using the beta version that every blog will look like a chew toy :/
One also has to wait for an actual stretch template so that one can make use of the three columns option, this would be very interesting.

Nevertheless you have Saffa colours now whooohoo. And the background pic is really cool despite being non-cricket. I was wondering why you hadn't put these colours on before hehe :D

Aditya, I find that also the old blogger editor is quite neat, all that's missing is a third column and a background pic for the entire blog (not only the header), but apart from that... you can change it the way you want if you use the Minima template... at least I like the looks of mine, also the HTML is accessible so you can just change the layout the way you want, or import templates from elsewhere.

Wes' last blog:
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Aditya said...

Hmm, Didn't know about that! Thanks Wes! and from what I have observed once the spammers hit you its really hard to get rid of them.

Btw do you paste the HTML code into every comment of yours or is there a better way to link up the latest post on your blog?

Aditya's last post:
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Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Aditya unfortunately it is very complicated to set up commentluv in blogger, there is a way but no one can get bothered, understandably. So yes one has to paste the HTML manually.

Purna said...

Thanks Maz :).

Mahek, your face is random.

Adi, hopefully they will have a customize pic option soon and I can put lots of Hersch pictures!!! I kid. I won't actually do that.

Wes, what? LOL. I didnt understand most of what you said..but I didn't have Saffa colours before because I liked the blue. But this will also change...the buildings are kind of...well Toronto. HAHA.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

My poor Pu, I am sorry ._.
Columns are the vertical compartments; standard Blogger allowed for two (central text body and one sidebar), now you can have more. But the blog width is restricted to 1000 pixels so if you put a second sidebar in, the text body gets squeezed together again. Wes nawt want, especially in the age of widescreen monitors. Thus I'll wait until they include a stretch template (unlimited width, adapts to your monitor), i.e. the one I have now.

The second issue is this un-removable layer of half-transparent white stuff underneath the text. Wes nawt want either. Wes dreads all blogs looking like that. Wes waits until one can remove it. The Template Designer is only at the Beta stage and they are going to improve it.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Anonymous said...

I had an email about the new design thing blogger has, but I'm happy with mine at the moment. I've messed about with the html enough to make it all personal anyway.

Like the look of yours though. Nice.

@Wes, I did manage to get a third column in mine by adding some swish code in the basic setup but it looked awful so it lasted about 3 minutes before I changed it back!

Purna said...

Wes, but they have do have an option of increasing the side bar width though! I saw it...or maybe 1000pixels or whatever is the max? I didn't go the max, cuz I thought it was too wide.

Unknown said...

Hmm, some of my gadgets were getting lost in the space limit to I stretched it to the max and narrowed the text column in the centre.

The template editor is just awesome!

Purna said...

Okay, that took a while...but I finally did it and now I think I am a genius.

Well sort of.

Anonymous said...

Love the new background!

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

grinning like a retarded monkey
love it

Aditya said...

The look is cool and snappy , but you have dissapointed me Big time Purna!

No one from Bangladesh, not even Shakib!

Do the needful!

Purna said...

Adi, I didn't make this! It's a picture I found online. I tried one with too many pictures, it's kind of distracting.

I will change back and forth don't worry!

Aditya said...

Thank God!
I forgot to mention Smith is in it!

Purna said...

Yeah, it's a trade off I had to make to keep Hash, Jakes, Bouch and my Dale in it. But you can see his fatness too clearly...