"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If you live in Hyderabad...

Do me a favour. Find out for me what Roy and Hersch are upto during their free time.

When two former (I am assuming Roy is all sobered up and boring now) alcoholics come together and both are bald, fit and party animals...things are bound to get a little crazy right? Hersch was the Charger's entertainer last year in Saffaland. But that doesn't mean he isn't their entertainer now. He might not know all the go to places but that doesn't mean that once he is there, he isn't unleashing his inner bad boy.

And it helps that Roy is there. He is probably 'luring' him into all sorts of drinking games:

Drink when the officials have asked you not to and get away with it.
Drink and race to the nearest bar.
Drink, call your ex-wife and try to win her back.
Drink till VB and Castle Lager send you free alcohol.
Drink your careers down the toilet...first one to the sewage gets a free beer!

Why would Deccan put two ex-boozers in the same team? Methinks, they are also sharing a room. Just so they can drink some more.

Roy's international career is done and dusted. Hersch, he may yet play in some ODI's. 

Actually, if you live in Hyderabad do me this favour. Smack Hersch on the head and give Roy a monkey to drink with. After all, drunks deserve to be happy too.


Mock Wah said...

wow, incidently lot of media-walas in Ind hv been behind Gibbsy with his "rehab" and sober image. Gibbs has been straight to the point in all cases, he is not reformed, transformed, ... ummm.. crap! I bet Roy is behind this. Ur right will keep an eye on the two when they are in my zone.

Rayden said...

Unfortunately for Deccan, they dont have a single game in Hyderabad due to security issues. They have no home support this year. All their home games are to be played in Navi Mumbai and Cuttuck. So Roy and Gibbs need to find places to go to in these two cities.

Purna said...

Thanks Mock! To be honest though, Gibbsy has been doing very well. But that Roy is not a very good influence I've heard.

Ray, oh! Well they are doing really well in that case! And I am pretty sure it's not very hard to find places to party in Mumabi!

Aditya said...

To add to what Rayden said: they have 3 matches in Nagpur as well and none in Hyderabad! ( 2 in Navi Mumbai and 2 in Cuttack). 7 "Home" games!

Have you seen the post match IPL party pics Purna? Modi is making sure they have some!

Purna said...

No!! Where can I find them???

Aditya said...

They have these parties after the matches, they are sponsored thing, they have fashion shows and what not!

Modi is making sure they are people like Symo and Gibbsy don't miss out on the Fun!

Here is a link to the pics of the Party after RR vs DC


You can find party pics of all of them in that website!