"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, May 14, 2010

I didn't know that...

1) I dislike the Poms and the Pakistanis more than I dislike Australia. Otherwise today's win wouldn't have given me so much joy. It could also be that this was by far the best fucking game in the whole tournament though.

2) I want to own Shane Watson and hit him again and again, just to see THAT look on his face. I would invite all of you over as well for some dinner, drinks and then a game of smack the Lollipop Boy.

3) I don't like it when Michael Clarke plays T20, let alone captain a side.

4) Highlights could look so ghastly on anybody.

5) I am also one of those that never write Australia off till the game is done. I don't write Pakistan off either...off a loss that is.

6) Captains always don't need to lead from the front for the team to go through to the finals. Puppy and Colly have been in piss poor form, but taking all the credit. Specially Puppy boy. Fuck right off, you didn't do shit for your team!

7) Saffers are actually missing a lot of things from their side: a match-winner, a gutsy player, players that can turn things around for them at the blink of an eye, players that can play Ajmal...okay, I forgive them for the last one.

8) A team losing from a winning situation year after year, could still keep us entertained using the exact same tactics- cumulative brain loss.


Poshin_david said...

Wow! I agree with the part about Clarke! He can't play T20...but the guy seems to have a pretty good head on him.....he may be Ricky's ideal successor....
Yesterday he scored 17 of 19 balls when the asking rate was above 10. I wonder what is wrong with his batting but can't figure it out. Still u must enjoy seeing two of your enemies in the finals now.


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Pu who do you mean at 4? Afridi or Aamer (awful!! He used to have such great hair) or maybe both. Watson needs to show he's a bowler.

6) Pup is a good captain. He also hit a 6 a two 4s.
Pup has contributed 65 runs so far, Colly 49. Shouldn't Colly get the boot from you before Pup? Pup does at least stay out of the line when he'd be a hindrance.

Today is the day

Unknown said...

"Pup does at least stay out of the line when he'd be a hindrance."

Wes, that exactly is the problem. As a captain, he is expected to lead from the front... and not get out of the way to let others do the job.

Colly's runs have come trying to do well for the team. Pup's runs have been more of a hindrance to his team.

Anonymous said...

I think Pup is a decent captain, he just needs to move a bit quicker.

he made some serious mistakes in the final last night, but let's give him a break. He has had nothing but criticism since the beginning of the tournament and must have been feeling a lot of pressure in that match. It being against England will only have made it worse.

Plus, filling Punter's shoes will never be easy. If only because they are so tiny ...

Purna said...

Chris, he might be but only in tests. I doubt he will be a good T20 or One Day captain.

Wes, Afridi.

Between the two, I think Colly had a stronger team so Pup had to actually use his head more...but the thing is, I didn't really see any efforts from him when the team was in trouble. Against Pakistan AND in the finals. Or maybe he is just subtle :P.