"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, May 7, 2010

The good, the bad and the mushy

The good:
-Saffers won comprehensively. Also qualifies under "the shocking".
-Saffers found form, specially AB and Albie. Another "the shocking".
-Morne bowled well in a T20 match (man I should just rename this the shocking!)
-Botha coming out of his mourning period since the loss of his doosra and bending his elbows in new and legal ways to deceive the Sumo himself!
-One eyed Charl.
-Saffers finally figuring out where to use Albie...the 15th over. The melted brains work after all.
-Dan the man showing emotions by shaking his hips mid-air. The dude can also dance, I may just have to clone him.
-The Kiwis still making a match out of it ( I do like them you know)

The bad:
-Albie still bowling.
-Jakes and his wonderful strike rate of just a little above hundred. What happened to the IPL form old man?
-Jakes' hairline receding even further! "Boucherzel, Boucherzel, lend him your hair".
-Soon-to-be-adopted son ROFL getting dropped, coming on as a sub AND misfielding! This allowed bastard Buffalo to insult ROFL by calling on Dale, whom ROFL had subbed. Dale was suspiciously tying the strings of his pajamas at that time.
-Ross Taylor being shit. 
-Saffers building themselves up to be favourites before the tournament is done again...

The mushy:
-My Hersch replacing Bosman.
-My Hersch hitting fours.
-My Hersch hitting sixes.
-My Hersch taking stunning catches.
-My Hersch ensuring his place in the side for the rest of the games.
-My Hersch fielding like a fucking genius.
-My Hersch inspiring this awesome post over at Cricbuzz.

Dear God, I know I am not your favourite child but PLEASE make sure Gibbsy retains this form and plays till I am dead.

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Purna, I was reminded of you the moment Herschelle Gibbs hit that four over mid off early in his innings...

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

I absolutely loved Smith in that ROFL scene. *sigh* The field is his home, there he roams free...

We differ lots, Pu... Nonetheless it is good to see Saffas pick up some pace here and showing some power and might! If Kiwis cannot succeed I will happily clap my hooves for the moos.

Wes' last blog:

Drop it like it's hot / Kiwi has no boundaries

Suhas said...

"Saffers building themselves up to be favourites before the tournament is done again"

The exact same thought crossed my mind when the game was done. This was exactly the sort of near-flawless performance the saffers always seem to put in before..well, you know.

I realise I'm not exactly spreading the joy, but I guess I'm still a bit sore over NZ's defeat.

Purna said...

Jaju, that was funny!

Wes, true. How can we keep a Buffalo from grazing?

Suhas, don't sulk. Saffers will lose the next two.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

No! Saffers will win against England. I have decided. If all 4 fire (Smith, Kallis, Hersch, Albie, AB... oops I mean 5, plus the pervie man) SA will absolutely sit the Poms to death. Attack is better anyway. All they have to do is deactivate Morgan (*sigh*) and KP quickly. Lumb and Kies will make about 60-70 together, no problem. I hope the worn-out term "momentum" applies here.

~ Wes ~

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

If you feel the need to talk... :P

Saffas v England Live Chat

It might get tight but I will try and open in time

17:30 GMT / 5:30 pm GMT


Anonymous said...

I'm worried about Gibbs. I think Albie should be coming in before him. Give the poor guy a chance to get a 50 sometime, please.

Yes, well, alright, he is in a fantasy team of mine and I sure as hell didn't pick him for his bowling!

I'm too busy kicking myself for not picking the Dirty one.

Purna said...

HAHA. Albie at 3? Yeah right! He came at 4 today, didn't go to well for him :P.

I too am kicking myself for not picking the dirty one. Aus better go to the semis so I can pick Nannes.

Jenny said...

Kallis was slow in the IPL as well. He and fat Smith suck as openers. Smith sucks allround. And in further news his ugly girlfriend Brigitte Sarembock is on her way to the Windies. He'll be even more useless.

Morne keeps overstepping - trim his feet. Albie never does anything anymore. Finally Duminy gets a bat.

Anonymous said...


thought id share

anon AB en bouch

Purna said...

Jenny, we seriously need to trim Morne's feet. SA's top three Jakes, Smith and Hersch are such a PAIN to watch. They should reverse the order I tell you!

Anon Bouch, I saw that on Frau's website: