"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Showing us who they are

I found this video on Mary Jane's blog, about AB De Villiers. It's in Afrikaans so Brandon has to translate it for me. But from what I saw, AB seems to be shooting a video for 'Show them who you are' with Ampie Du Preez. They are both dressed like Siamese twins in white t-shirts and jeans, standing on top of a rooftop and singing. The situation concerns me. I hope this is a phase that AB is going through. He is easily one of the best cricketers of the new generation and smoking hot, on top of being excellent at everything he does. But this is one department where what he touched did not turn into gold. I don't know how the song has been doing in SA or how many people are actually dying to watch the video, but it is HORRENDOUS! AB sounds like a bathroom singer and the lyrics make you cringe. The video looks equally painful. Even AB's dashing looks will not be able to save this one...unless maybe, you put it on mute. Maybe.

I implore you AB, do not follow Brett Lee and become a joke. We are being subjected to his atrocious singing at the World Cup 2011 opening ceremony, which is taking place in Bangladesh. It's been officially marked in our calendars as Dooms Day. We always knew God would punish us for our bad deeds, but we had never imagined that the our last memory on Earth would be of a blond, Australian fast bowler crooning to the Backstreet Boys.

AB's baby pics, shown later on in the video, do look cute though. The guy was a born heart-breaker. I tried to find some pictures online for your aesthetic pleasure but the search was a failure. So you will have to go through the video to see them. Don't pretend like you won't. You too think he is hot and want to know what AB De Villiers has that you don't. Enjoy!

Thanks MJ!

He got to Sanga too! Lee is a contagious disease!


Stani Army said...

Aaaaaaaaaaah! Torture. They use this CD in guantanamo to play 24/7 to the inmates in an attempt break 'em down. Its better than waterboarding apparently.

Whats 'hot' and why's AB smoking it? Is it on the WADA list of banned substances?

Afrikaans is funny...its like English in rewind.

I'm sure you've seen a cuter babies photo than that, init Purn ;o)

Purna said...

I thought it was Brett Lee's Bollywood adventure that they used?

AB's hot. He's not smoking anything. But you want to smoke him. Don't lie now.

Yes, a cuter baby photo would be of the kid AB and I produce.

Stani Army said...

Na, that was in camp x-ray until they heard AB being played in camp Delta. They analysed the death...I mean success rates and found that AB wins hands down.

"Yes, a cuter baby photo would be of the kid AB and I produce." (Vomit)

So you two are...you know, IVF doctors?

Mary Jane said...

Though I love him, I too believe the fact, that he really does sing bad! I actually Deleted his song from my computer!! His voice is good, but ONLY when he gives interviews after getting M.O.T.M award for me!
Stani, c'mon! I know you too believe AB looked cute as a kid! dont hide your love towards him! :D

Stani Army said...

Mary, no.

Stani was (and is) cuter. Purn knows this but she doesnt wana tell anyone. She just wants me to herself.

Mary Jane said...

You're in love with yourself aren't you?! haha :)

Purna said...

Vomit? Yes, the ideal reaction of a jealous individual.
We are not IVF doctors. We would have kids the natural way. Don't blush. It happens. It's how you came about.

MJ, I laughed so hard at that 'delete song' bit. I now want to download the video just so I can delete it!
Don't get Stani started on himself! You'll get to know him soon enough...and then you'll wish you never did.

It is officially bully Stani day and I love it.

Stani Army said...

No MJ, it is you that I love.

O MJ, MJ, wherefore art thou MJ?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name;

Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love

And I'll no longer be a Stani.

Just cos you missed your chance Purnmeister. Bully Stani day? It's a shame days dont last that long.

Wait till I get Es on you, you gonna run off scared again. If Ames was here, they'd tag team your behind back to Bangladesh.

Purna said...

Writing poetry to some other girl and then talking about Es? You INFIDEL!

Es look, your husband is macking on every new girl in the blog world! I urge you to take a look at the boys I have for you. It's high time!

Stani Army said...

It's Shakespeare Einstein, not poetry.

And my Es knows irony when she sees it....obviously you don't.

And it's Mary Jane, not "some other girl". See how rude she is MJ? (two can play your game of turning people against people).

"macking"? Trying to be cool are we?

Mary Jane said...

Hahaha nice poem/Shakespeare! But unfortunately, I'm already devoted to AB! So dont try :)

Purna, AB has removed that old download system from his site. Now if we click on that "Download Song" thing, we're taken to a new site. Where the full song (yes full, not that 54 second music) is available.
Believe me, the full version is More stupid and terrible!

Esra Star said...

Purn, Stani can cyber mack whoever he likes. Its a prize for his supreme poetry & irony.

However show me this list of blokes...

Stani Army said...

Will only me and Maggie be sharing the bed Es?

Ok, you can have a look at the list but you must realise that Purnster is just trying to break us up. Just looking ok? Remember what I said last time, 'you can find your appetite elsewhere but you must eat your dinner at home'.

Your loss Jayne the pain! I've got much more going for me than that hair-dying, too-many-teeth-in-my-mouth schmuck. I hope his singing haunts you forever!

Esra Star said...

Clean bed sheets Stani, Maggs has been relegated to the floor! Just you & me baby ;o)

No harm in looking at the list, this is the Katie/ Bradley situation again :oP

You girls sure don't know what you're missing out on! When AB's perfect looks & terrible voice see you wind up in a mental institute don't come to Stani & I for assistance.

Stani Army said...

Oolala! Time for some fireworks Es! This is when I'm at my spectacular best in all honesty :o) so prepare to be amazed.

The only list you'll be wanting after this is the list with the times of when you can get your hands on me.

Purna said...

MJ, So he's giving it to us for free eh? I guess nobody really wanted to hear it!

Stani, I was always cool. It's why you associate yourself with me.

Es, I'm glad you are willing to look at this list at least. It consists of Mark Boucher, Bradley Cooper, Michael Clarke with hair, Brendon McCullum and Bon. If you are having a difficult time choosing, I'll custom make a man for you with Cooper's eyes, Pup's hair, Bouch's wit, Baz's hot bod and Bon's nationality.

Oh, I'm not devoted to AB don't worry. I don't like the good boys remember? ;)

Stani Army said...

You couldn't custom make s*** Purn. Whats the point anyway when Es has the real deal, complete package here?

Everyone of those pansy cricketers you named have got nothing on me. Es loves my innocence and I'm afraid that is one thing those boys can now never have. You gonna custom make that too? And it's interesting how you tried getting Bon in there. Watch out Bon, Purn's got the hots for you....run!

Associate with you? How many times have I left only for you to come begging, asking me to return?

"I dont like the good boys" bla bla bla

heeeeehahaha, I'm ready for war Purnmeister!

Esra Star said...

Whoa Purn that is some super hot dude! I can't comment on Bon because my blogger husband list only goes as far as Stani. But I will take the saffa accent. :o)

But I love my Stani more than anyone else. I'm working on cracking that innocence though ;o)

Purna said...

Stani, don't try to scare Bon away. Es has a thing for South Africans in case you haven't noticed. It was his South African-ness that I was selling not him!

Bon, sorry!

Es, I will keep the guy aside for you. One day when you realize Stani isn't the man for you, I will happily ship him over.

Stani Army said...

It won't be hard work for you Es ;o)

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