"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, June 21, 2010

T2D3: Hello ICC, too many runs!

Where is the ICC when you need them? I mean, where are they? Why aren't they following this match like the other five people who are planning their days, nights, dinners, dates around this? Three days, five centuries and three half centuries. One of whom belonged to Deonarine, the man who is giving Ashy P good competition as the worst test opener. When a deodrant makes runs, you KNOW the pitch is suspect.

Why am I complaining? Wasn't I the one whining about the Windies having no spirit a few days ago? Yes I was! But I meant they should show spirit and still roll over to the Saffa bowlers. AND I DON'T SEE THEM ROLLING OVER. That doesn't make me happy.

What is up with Shiv? Why are you finding form all of a sudden? Sure, you are one of my favourite Windies players but honey, this century business is getting a bit tedious. I mean, three people did it before you in this match alone! Do you really want to follow trends? You should stand out, bat like crap! Give Paul Harris your wicket! Oh wait, that's trendy too.

And then there was one more century by Nash too! But I won't bitch about that too much, his mommy might come after me.

If the Saffers don't take wickets tomorrow, this is heading for a draw. The Saffers drew their last two test series and frankly I've had enough. Sure, the chances of the Windies winning the last one are about as high as Bangladesh winning the world cup but I was promised a 3-0 whitewash and that's what I want. I would take my team winning over a bloody exciting series any day!

Wouldn't you?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Purna. It's just inconsiderate of them to show spirit but not still roll over to SA bowlers. I have this same problem with England. I complained for years that England had no guile against Australia, that their psychology was all messed up - then the bastards sorted that in 2005 and went ahead and stole our little urn. When will these people learn their place?

sunny said...

This match has been dragging along ever since it started, it's been boring. Except for the toilet paper part of course!
And thanks for the advice, I should reconsider my decision now...

Purna said...

Sid, I knew you would understand!

Sunny, keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, make sure you pop over and send us a link when you are up and running. You know you already have 3 readers at least.

Purna, I always understand you. Can I borrow your lions? I think I may need them for this tour of England.