"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, August 13, 2010

One whole year of spams

On August 13th, 2009 a spammer decided to con the cricket blogosphere. It first perched itself prettily on one of the most beloved and famous cricket sites of all times, Amy S Talks Cricket, and then started it's dirty work.

It first recruited some innocent cricket lovers by the names of Stani Army, Esra Star, Brandon, Bella,Miss Jane, Richie, Frau and Morne's Lover. Upon recruitment this virus-like spam infested their brains with her evil plans till they mechanically started to assist it to grow far and wide. Deeper and deeper  into the hay-wired world of the internet and cricket.

Then it crept slowly into lovely brains like Leela, Scorpicity, Straight Point, Prafs, Mary Jane, Christopher Poshin, Raj, Nazim, Som, Maz, Maddy, Ian, MTJAG, and Adi. The virus was specially successful in turning poor Sid, mspr1nt, Marty D, Wes and Ach into mentally unstable individuals so they actually befriended the spammer and went onto believing in her spamming ways.

The greats, Jrod, Sarah Canterbury, Old Batsman and Ceci and Mel even put the spammer on their blogroll upon which it became much, much easier for her to trap more and more cricket lovers.

IOB gave her a free book and World Cricket Watch called her 'exciting'. Little did they know that she was only on a spam role.

SixSixEight, Reina,Suave, Dave the Bard, Betti, Beggy, Mark and Lady Giraffe befriended her on twitter. There was no stopping her now!

Mahek, Naked Cricket and Holding Willey welcomed her with open arms into their blogs. She spent many happy hours turning them into my her homes. So much so that BCC! now even shares it's birthday with her. All in a day's work for a virus like her!

Finally, the spammer even managed to give birth to a genuine blogger, with some help from her virus-infested friends, and Sunny's blog was born. Oh the joys of being a spammer!

Amidst all of this, there were the anons and the readers who continued to be happily spammed by her, oblivious to the nonsense she was filling their brains with.

Inch by inch, step by step, she happily ate away at their brains. Loving every neurotransmitter and burping away merrily. Even those she forgot to mention in this post. Yes my friends, she enjoyed feasting on you very much.

It is only apt that this Queen of Eternal Spamation turns a year old on Friday the 13th.


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Just one year? But you have spammed so much, so mightily, in such an impressive fashion... Unbelievable :P

Happy Purnday!


Barry said...

Congrats for completing one year. Deadly virus hasn't left me to escape either.

sunny said...

Haha, bloody fantastic post Pu!
You got me thinking there for a while first.. :)

Congrats on completing a very wonderful year of blogging and a massive thank you to you and your virus infected friends for getting me started in the blogging. I owe a lot to you I think. :D

Anonymous said...

What? You're younger than me? I had no idea. Only by a couple of weeks, mind.

Anonymous said...

A year of great reading. Love the blog and keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Purna! I just love celebrations!

Even I am approaching one year of blogging cricket... just about 6 months more to go ;)

missjane said...

Congratulations, Purn - happy Purnday! I'll always be able to say I was reading you before you'd infected everyone - I mean, before you were famous. :)

On a sadder note, I can't believe Amy's been gone for more than a year.

Mahek said...

Welcomed you to my blog? I wouldn't let you write a word on hundredpercentbarcelonista considering you're a Real fan.

Suhas said...

Happy,erm, spamiversary Purna. Keep it going!

Mudassar @ CricketVibe.com said...

Happy birthday to your baby Purna.

my baby is also going to turn 1 year on 8 September but he is weak and not growing so fast as his parent is so not a good parent. But you turn out to be an excellent parent, you baby already have lot of friends in just one year.

Thumbs up!!!

Purna said...

Thanks a lot guys! I should try not to be shit and disappear though.

Miss Jane, I know :(. I realized it too when I wrote this.

Sid, really? Where is your one year post?

SarahCanterbury said...

Congrats from me too!

And bless you for putting me in such esteemed company!

My year is also approaching - 11 September (crikey!)

martyd said...

I am late as usual. All I can say P is that it seems, like spam, you have been with us always. Can you suggest a belated b-day image you might like?

Purna said...

Thanks Sarah and MartyD.

M, any image with Bangladeshis/Saffers on it works for me :)