"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, August 13, 2010

101 reasons why I like the Kiwis

I've been trying to figure out why I like the Kiwis so much. Apart from the fact that they have Daniel Vettori and are basically neutral like Switzerland I mean. So I was reading up on them when it suddenly struck me.

New Zealand is considered by many to be a state of Australia.
Canada is called the 51st American state.
Truth is, We are both a million times better than our neighbours.

That was reason number three.

The Kiwis always surprise people with their cricket. We never look at them and say, 'this team is so fucking talented they will rule the world one day'. Then they thrash India by 200 runs.

That is a huuuuge margin. Even bigger considering three of their top players and match-winners were all absent. Vettori is apparently in labour, Jesse Ryder is still drunk and Baz is probably at sea, in a quest to truly find his calling.

That is reason number four.

Reason number five is IOB. Enough said.

Then there are others, like Ross Taylor, Scott Styris, Shane Bond and of course Stephen Fleming. Stephen Fleming alone can be reason number nine to a hundred. And because of his awesome performance I will now add Daryl Tuffey to that list.

Reason number hundred and one.

Strangely, by the end of this list I have also managed to come up with a reason I like India: they gave Dhoni grey hair.

Or maybe it was the wife.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Friday the 13th to you, Happy Birthday Cricket Minded.

pRAFs said...

hey right!,
Cricket Minded completes a year today!
crazy or what??!!

good going Purna!

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Please add Millsy to the list. Has the charm of a rasp but boy I'm glad he's back.


Anonymous said...

NZ a million times better than us? Watch yourself, sunshine. I'll send Ginge Macdonald over to nip your ankles.

sunny said...

Just when I thought of writing why the Blackaps are so likeable. ;)
For me Dan Vettori is about 80 reasons enough already to like them; the rest I have to figure out.
Regarding Dhoni's hair, let's agree both had a share in getting it grey.

Suhas said...

Great to see all the love for NZ. For me it was the 1992 World Cup which did it, although it took me a long time to accept that those dizzying heights were the exception rather than the rule!

I like the fact that there are rarely any prima donnas in kiwi sdes; guys like Taylor, Mills, Bond and even drunken idiot Jesse have a sort of everyman quality to them. Dion Nash, Chris Harris and Mark Richardson were some of my favourites from the previous era.

Purna said...

Thanks NC and pRAFs. Happy belated birthday to Bored too!

Wes, Millsy is like the object that makes you happy with its presence, but you never take the time to appreciate or thank it :P.

Sid, only because they have Dan and man and you...well Twatto,Witchy,Fat Warne...etc.etc.etc.

Suhas, I agree! They are such a likable team! And I completely forgot to mention Nathan Astle and Craig McMillan. My list of favourite Kiwi cricketers is endless!