"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Barbie apologizes

Dear strange people who don't live in Barbie land,

Why don't you live in Barbie land? Do you hate me? Of course not, look how pretty I am! See, the reason I am asking is because if you lived in Barbie land you would know that I am not a brat, neither spoiled. I am just a lovely, pretty, girl who knows that pouting will get you everything you ever asked for.

That's why when the Umpire rejected my appeal for LBW, I pouted and pouted but it didn't work. So I threw the ball and pretended to throw it at the batsman. I knew it wouldn't have hurt him because I am such a delicate flower. How can a ball thrown by me go faster than a turtle? You know the turtle who won the race? Yes, I go slow like him. But I still win.

Because I am a lovely, pretty little girl who gets whatever she wants. And when I don't, I just misbehave but it's absolutely harmless. I mean, whoever's heard of pouting being of real harm? Plus, the men I play with are big and burly, they can take it!

But I am still going to apologize, because I want you all to come to my tea party. So I will lift my hand at the batsman and pretend it was an accident and later on plead guilty as I hand out invitations to the tea party. They will let me off leniently because I really serve the finest fake tea in all of Barbie land.

This is my apology. It really is. Look at my pretty face, how can I be lying?

(Why does every pic of Broad I come across have the word Boss in them? He tries so hard...)


sunny said...

You forgot to mention that he secretly adds poison in the tea. Harmy died that way already.

Megha said...

Good stuff Purna...

Anonymous said...

hehehehe ... don't be mean to me, or my Dad'll beat you up!

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Spot on. I also have a total crush on that pic. It's hilarious, insanely aesome and sooo Draco Malfoy. *g*


Kainath said...

hahahah! Barbie she is.
No one has any idea how much I despise her.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe.com said...

that sweet little Barbie and his stupid little behaviors cost us our newly found keeper, he had torn Zulfi's finger fracture with that not so harmful throw.

He is so nasty inside he know the exact hand and exact finger. Clever Barbie!!!