"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Overdue post on the Buffalo

A lot of things went through my mind when I heard that the Buffalo had stepped down as South Africa's T20 Captain. I was surprised and elated at the same time. Surprised because I actually thought that CSA would have to forcibly remove his stubborn ass, rather than him getting over it long enough to realize that he is seriously unimaginative when it comes to limited overs cricket. Although, he could also have done it because it seems to be the latest trend. Plus Ricky did it, so must Smithy! This statement has no evidence to back it up whatsoever, but if you have watched the two closely, you will know intuitively that Graeme is a bit of a Ricky follower. And if you still don't see it, try harder.

Anyway, I was so elated that I watched the resignation video again and again, mostly to hear the Buffalo say "I've always had a philosophy.."

*Pause for laughter*

I wish that he had stepped down as ODI captain as well, although I guess the World Cup is a little too close right now. Something tells me that the Buffalo will try very hard to bow out in glory, and as much as he annoys me I hope it doesn't fucking blow up in his face. Not at the expense of another Saffa World Cup exit.

The real reason I am so happy is because people have always thought that I was crazy for wanting Smithy to step down and now thankfully the validation of my sanity has come from the perpetrator himself. His little speech might say that he is doing it to lengthen his career my friends, but I'm telling you Smithy probably watched some footage of his captaincy during his vacation. Maybe he thought he'll learn something. I am glad he learnt the right lesson.

Now Botha is taking over. Botes is not a great T20 player but I am fine with this because he wasn't appalling against Australia as a skipper. I would have died of shock had AB been given the reigns. I don't care what you say but just because he is great at everything, it does not necessarily mean that he will make a good leader. In fact, I am fairly certain that AB won't be a good captain till he grows up a little. Yes, I said it. He still has a lot more maturing to do.

If Botha doesn't work out though they might have a bit of a problem, because I really don't know which other Saffa is actually ready to captain their T20 side.Maybe Jakes, but that's a short-term investment.

Maybe Boeta Dipenaar.


Fuck! I sure hope Botha doesn't flop!


ProteaGirl said...

Totally agree with you that AB needs to grow up. As long as he still thinks he's a popstar ,he's not ready to be captain. Have you listened to that drivel he calls a music album. The guy obviously needs some more life experience coz those lyrics are ridiculously naive.

straight point said...

he is seriously unimaginative when it comes to limited overs cricket.

i am yet to see imaginative SA captain... they all follow the sa cricket bible that was written in AD...

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

No no !! It is a thoroughly good idea, Boeta is so nice, yes that would be a good solution!

Is there a link to Bifflich's philosophy course, because I would like to take it :)


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

He could also try and get CJ into the side!!!

Purna said...

ProteaGirl,I only heard two.not impressive.

SP, here's hoping Botha changes that.

Wes, his philosophy is to move forward apparently.strangely, his brain moves backwards.

sunny said...

ProteaGirl, you can't blame AB for those naive lyrics. He's still a kid who dreams big, his time for the great life experiences hasn't arrived yet.

I'm glad too it's Botha and not AB. They've made the guy keeper as well and handling the captaincy might have caused his batting to go seriously downhill. And then I'd have to kill CSA.

darkone said...

I think it was just the typical honorable discharge. In cricket, when they say its time to go, they usually let the player 'retire' so not having the humilitiation of retiring.

As captain, Smith has performed terribly in short formats. He has won no world cups, and no icc trophys.

What Im surprised people havent noticed, is that Ricky Ponting actually stopped playing 20 20 cricket for his country, and Im sure after the next cricket world cup hell stop 50 over game as well.

Graeme Smith has stepped down as captain, but is still going to play in all formats.

Does he really think the added pressure of being captain is so great it causes injuries, and that by just relinquishing the role, it will improve his health?

This is hogwash. He was going to be dropped , so he retired. His move to retire after the 50 over World Cup is an even better strategy. He cant really be expected to win in sub continent conditions, when they lose they would lost World Cups for nearly 10 years under his rule. So if he already annouces he will step down afterwards, if he loses, they not sacking him. If they win, hes a hero.

The real problem with the t20 team was Kallis, he should have been gone from the one day setup as well. I expect him to 'retire' as well soon.

Purna said...

Aah darkone, thank you for that comment. I agree on most of it, except for the Kallis being dropped part. I think the reason they keep Kallis is because they are not able to replace him, which is a scary thought considering he will probably be playing his last ever World Cup but for now, I think the ODI team needs him. Maybe not the T20 team so much, then again, I don't think the Saffers have figured out their T20 mix yet.

I hope Graeme is not picked for T20's EVER. In ODI's if Hash is opening, they will need Graeme on the other end unless Alviro Peterson steps it up. Then again, if Kallis is gone from the ODI's as well, Hash will need to fill his spot in which case the Buffalo WILL stay. The other option is Bosman who was pretty miserable the last time.